Monday, May 15, 2006

Headline News 2006-05-15

From ABC News:
Kidnapped Toddler Found as Adult 30 Years Later
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Alligators Kill 3 Fla. Women
Duke Lacrosse team blamed

From ABC News:
Baby's Hand Severed at Chocolate Factory
Johnny Depp has "Edward Scissorshands" flashback

From ABC News:
Ga. Governor Parties With High Schoolers
Will be in serious trouble if wife finds out

From ABC News:
Woman Discovers Heart-Shaped Potato
Mister Potatohead moves to top of transplant list

From ABC News:
3 major hurricanes to hit US this year: AccuWeather
Bush to be blamed for all three: DNC

From ABC News:
Bush to Place National Guard at Mexico Border
Everyone shocked to learn National Guard may have to guard nation

From ABC News:
Glaciers in Africa Expected to Disappear
Elephants, zebra will soon have no place to snow ski

From ABC News:
Officials Grab Drugs That Resemble Candy
Flintstone Vitamins confiscated

From ABC News:
Isabella Rossellini: Age, Looks Used Against Women
Further shockers: Sun rises in east, fire is hot, ducks like water


  1. you beat the crap out of my news commentary!

    *takes notes*

    Teach me o' master


  2. U.S. Border to Cap Guerrilla Overflow...

    Mexico's army continues to patrol its south borders, while proclaiming U.S.
    use of Nat. Guard, to be a humanitarian violation. America signs legislation pkg. on May 5 with Amnesty Int'l.-Drug Wars possible for Mexico, as US caps its border – VIDE...

  3. Mexico Threatens to Sue U.S.A....

    Looks like Mexico is pretty mad! Oh dear, oh dear. Hate that. They call it 'migration' we call it 'immigration'. They say 'undocumented workers', say 'illegal aliens'. They call Bush a 'Nazi', we think he wasn't tough enough. They say this i...

  4. hahaha. Pretty good headlines!


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