Saturday, May 27, 2006

jac (the nonessentials)

Today's interview is with jac who operates the nonessentials...

The interview panel is assembled...

Now, the first question...

Are you going to start blogging again?



I have no idea. Probably when I get closer to finishing the writing of my dissertation.

What was the first blog you ever read?

I have read so many blogs for so long now that I really cannot remember the very first blog I ever read.

What's the most fun job you ever had?

Working as a salesperson at Honeybaked Ham Co. I worked with a great bunch of people and we always had fun even when we were so tired we could hardly stand up.

What's the best sound in the world?

Just being able to hear (and understand) any sound in the world is the best, but I'd have to say that my favorite sound in the world right now is the sound of waterfalls because, after my cochlear implant activation, that is the first ambient sound that I heard clearly and could identify without help.

Why 99 nonessentials and not 100 or 98?

why not? besides, why be normal?

What was the stupidest thing you ever did as a teen/young woman?

wow, i have so many things to choose from. probably driving while intoxicated. looking back, that was the stupidest and riskiest thing i could have possibly done. i'm lucky to even be alive.

The James Gang, the Dalton Gang, or Kool & the Gang?

Kool & the Gang most definitely! they rock. the Dalton Gang (with whom I share a surname) were a wild bunch but I don't think they had a beat or you could dance to them.

What's the most Redneck / White trash thing you've ever done?

drinking beer out of a bottle and mud-riding in big 4 wheel drive trucks with a bunch of friends

If you could ask one American politican any question, who would ask and what would you ask?

I'd ask Dubya what his experience as president has been like for him and how it has changed him as a person.

If you went into the Witness Protection Program, what would be the reason?

Probably for pissing off the wrong person.

What's your favorite poem?

She Walks In Beauty by Lord Byron

What's the most underreported story of the year so far?

I wouldn't know since I rarely watch or read the news. I just hear of "big stories" in passing or when I do watch newscasts by chance.

If you had a time machine and could go back in time and meet any person, who would it be?

I'd go back and meet Jesus. I think it would be lifechanging to meet the person who is the icon of the Christian faith. Seeing, as they say is believing, but for me (since I already DO BELIEVE) I think it would be more of an experiencing in seeing the example that I would like to follow.

Gilligan, the Skipper, the Professor, or Mr. Howell?

Gilligan was too silly, the skipper was too full of himself, The professor was the cute one, and Mr Howell was the one with the greenbacks in a non-monetary economy. Hmmmm... which one do you think?????????!!!!!!

To jac, we thank you. And to everyone wo sent in questions: You rock! Thanks!

Next week, we have Random Yak and also Laurie of Soldiers' Angels New York.

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  1. Greetings again, what! How have I enjoyed your "inter-view" with this celebrated personage within your "popular" culture. Quite often do I myself enjoy such inter-viewing contentment, on your "electronic" tele-visual monitoring appliances. How frequently have I conjured my "spouse" or "significant other" as you term it, to speed hither and view such amusing spectacles. I most "especially" have enjoyed the celebrated one's ability to alter the physical appearance of its manifestation. A rare feat do I understand this to be, in your most interesting civilization of which I am a thoroughly integrated unit.

    How I have continually enjoyed these "blogs" which you operate on your "computing society" ganglia. Such a valued structure, they are, for our young ones such as human being infants. I so well do remember myself when I was such an undeveloped viviparous human "child," playing with my "iPods" and "Pong" devices with Brittany and Tiffany, two "playfellows" whom you will remember from your own "childhood" which was very much like that of myself. "Kowabunga"! What! I am so very well integrated with your "norms," and any allelic difference of my own genome are thoroughly undetectable by your "scientists." For this reason you might wish to query me regarding any topic of standard human being concern. I am so complacent with myself for having "communed" via this "blogging site" with you.

    With the most "exquisite" regard,

    Jack H


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