Friday, May 5, 2006

Macker (Macker's World)

Today, we have a blogger that has WAY too much in common with me. We're not twins, but we have more in common than either of us would like. I'd like to meet him one day and just pick his brain. Right now, we all have that chance (the brain-picking part). Here's Macker...

Our panel of questioners is ready to go...

Now, the first question...

What was your worst day blogging?

Just before I switched to Expression Engine, I was running pMachine Pro and the server I was on crashed. I lost a whole week's worth of posts, never to return. That's when I took a deep breath and sunk some serious funds into EE.

What is your favourite book?

First and foremost is the Holy Bible. As far as regular literature, I lost my copies of Herman Wouk's "The Winds of War" and "War And Remembrance" a long time ago; one of these days I should obtain them again.

Which has better hardware: Mac or PC?

I haven't had a Mac break down on me yet in the fifteen years I've owned them (Classic, Performa 6200, iMac Rev. D, iMac flatscreen). And my work PC had its motherboard and power supply replaced last week. That should tell you the story right there.

Which has better operating system: Mac or PC?

Which has better operating system: Mac or PC?
Having a Unix background, I drooled when I finally got a Mac with OS X on it; I drooled even more when I upgraded to Tiger last month (yes, FINALLY!). I know enough about Windows to be dangerous.

Which has better software: Mac or PC?

No BSD for me. Mac.

Which has better users: Mac or PC?

Good Lord, whoever came up with these four questions should be SHOT! MAC!

Who was Lenny's best partner on Law & Order?

His wit and occasional bottle...oh, you meant his human partner? Rey.

What's the best thing about Arizona?

I traded nine months of crappy and three months of relatively nice weather back East, for nine months of gorgeous and three months of crappy weather. Three more summers like that, and I'll be considered a Native Arizonan! And I've barely scratched the surface for places to go.

What is the greatest civilization/society of all time, excluding the present?


What are you, nuts?

That's what people say to me when I tell them I'm in a long-distance relationship..

Who is the greatest U.S. President prior to your generation?

Prior to joining Police Squad!, Abraham Lincoln saved the Union.

Who's the greatest character in all of literature?

Why Sherlock, whatever would possess you to ask such a question?

Ice-T or Ice Cube?

Given my disdain for Rap, Ice-T has a better screen presence. And now I hear they want to be called "Raptors." UGH.

What is your favorite nude statue?

Well I don't really keep track of these, but I can assure you it sure as hell isn't Britney Spears giving birth doggy-style on a bearskin rug!

Oh, man! That was fun. Well, I enjoyed it. Like I mentioned earlier, Macker and I have lots in common. Or so it appears to me, anyway. And this interview is just more proof.

If you haven't visited Macker's World, stop by. You'll want to make it a regular stop.

Tomorrow, another one of my favorites: Beth (MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy). If I was a chick, and was ex-Air Force instead of ex-Army, I'd be Beth.

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