Monday, May 8, 2006

Headline News 2006-05-08

From ABC News:
Rocker Keith Richards Has Brain Surgery
Nothing found

From ABC News:
Muhammad Questions Witnesses As Md. Trial
Court artist images not shown on TV

From ABC News:
Sex Toys Tax-Deductible in Australia
IRS warns: "Try that in the U.S. and you're screwed"

From CNN:
Iran's president writes Bush, offers 'new ways' out
President to respond as soon as someone reads letter to him

From CNN:
Beatles beaten over Apple logo
Only McCartney, Starr fought back

From WPXI:
Speeding car overturns on porch
Kids warned to quit driving on porch

From WEWS:
Councilman admits drinking, gets 10 days
Laments: "Should have been born a Kennedy"

From ABC News:
Peacekeepers, teachers prey on Liberia girls: report
Bush blamed

From Fox News:
Barry Bonds Hits Home Run No. 713, One Short of Babe Ruth
Bonds supports claim Ruth was aided by hot dogs and beer

From Fox News:
In Reversal, Iran's Leader Says Women Can't Enter Soccer Stadiums
Wants men to be able to play with balls without women watching

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  1. It sounds promising, “but we have seen Sudanese governments violate too many previous agreements to place too much stock in this one.” There’s clearly a lesson here....

    Is no news from Darfur good news? I think so, but maybe not.
    It sounds promising, and if it sticks it will be a diplomatic triumph for the Bush Administration, which has so far provided $1 billion in humanitarian aid to the region and which sent Depu...


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