Thursday, May 25, 2006

Morning Coffee & Kahlua

Someone should take away access to Photoshop from The LLama Butchers. Do it for the kids.

Poor Velociman is sniffing his fingers after having a bad reaction to antibiotics.

On the techie side of things, Akismet has released an updated version of their anti-spam plugin.

Silk goes wild about sexy men with cute little smiles.

Tilesey tells us what a guy's night consists of on his side of the pond.

This Mom Blogs speaks of luxurious bath bombs and soooo much more.

Venomous Kate dishes her personal tips on how to conceive a baby.

BEULLAH MAE!!! is sooper mad at someone.

Meanwhile, the object of their collective affection is running away to Ayn Rand Nude Volleball Camp.

Smallholder is still corrupting the yoots of America.

How does basil do these posts three times per day? This is harder than it looks, folks. Time for the Kahlua!


  1. Mac Stansbury is banned! I can do that now. ;-)

  2. Say it again, Will...

    George Will had a great write up in JWR today about learning English. The summary of his thoughts went like this:

    What makes Americans generally welcoming of immigrants, and what makes immigrants generally assimilable, is that this is a creedal ...


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