Monday, May 22, 2006

Questioning Authority

Oh, wait. You think that I'm going to be talking about dissent and such, don't you?


I'm going to be talking about the Blog Interviews.

WAIT! Don't go anywhere. Hear me out.

There are lots of folks we've interviewed already. Check out this list.

See? Lots of folks. Lots of interesting folks. Lots of interesting questions. Lots of interesting answers. Lots of uses of the word "lots."

But you know what? There are more coming. You can see who all is coming soon by checking out this list.

See those with dates? We've actually scheduled them. Some have been waiting for a bit. Others have only recently signed up. And half are male. Half are female. The rest, I'm not sure what they are.

Anyway, I want to point your attention to a couple of blogs that haven't been scheduled yet.

Tea Fizz

First, take a look at Tea Fizz. If you didn't know, Tea Fizz is a MilBlogger. And Tea Fizz is a little different.

Go check out the site. Spend a few minutes looking around. Check out the archives. You'll be back. Oh, and ask some questions!

Simple Thoughts

Next, let's take a look at Simple Thoughts. The guy's a computer genius. Don't believe me? Just ask him!

Seriously, though. You can get your fix of all kinds of geeky stuff ... and more. Go visit and look around. And submit some questions for the interview.

Survival Theory

Oh, and we can't forget the ladies, now can we? Laura Long Collins is proprietor of Survival Theory. She shares her thoughts on events ... and most conservatives will agree and most liberals will disagree. But she's willing to take questions from all quarters.

Visit her site and you'll want to know more. Just ask your questions.


There are lots more bloggers coming up. Most are conservative blogs. But not all.

Take a monent to visit the three we just talked about ... and the others that have agreed to take your questions ... and then submit your questions.

The blogs that get the most questions will be scheduled earlier. So your questions will determine whose interviews appear when. You're the questioning authority. (See, now the title makes sense, doesn't it!)

The interviews have been fun so far. I trust you'll submit more questions ... and we'll learn more about the bloggers we love ... or hate.

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  1. Hey, I signed up for that ages ago. I need to work more on being mysterious. Or, like, a hot girl everyone hopes to ask out or something.

    Or, beans!


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