Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Headline News 2006-05-17

From Palm Beach Post:
Ex-addict who embezzled from church shows change
Had two quarters, a dime, and three pennies left after spending spree

From CNN:
Paul McCartney and his wife are separating
Joke now amended to "What has two farms and three legs?"

From CNN:
Nicole Kidman engaged to country music star
What they had in common: Both had sex with Tom Cruise

From CNN:
Director: 'Da Vinci' 'not meant to offend'
Ron Howard still not shot dead in street by Christian fundamentalist

From CNN:
Hitler's birthday present: 300 shot dead
Records reveal Fuehrer actually wanted a pony

From CNN:
Chavez: Imprison 'genocidal' Bush
Anna Nicole says she's not to blame, late husband was really old

From CNN:
U.S. military's bid to woo China
Tells China, "Love you long time"

From CNN:
China installs another bishop
Still short a rook, a knight, and a pawn

From CNN:
Muslim leaders support Iran
Terrorist leaders support terrorist state, world shocked

From CNN:
Official: High Web fees stymie African growth
Lack of electricity seen also seen as adverse impact

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  1. Assending on the Gaza: Terror Cells Unite...

    Having slipped across the Egyptian border into the Gaza, they are said to be led by gun- and drug-running gangs working with al Qaeda and Palestinian terrorists right into the border! An entirely large amount of 'wanted terror cells'... All in one p...


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