Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Headline News 2006-05-31

From ABC News:
Bush Troubled By Reports of Iraq Killings
Were supposed to be secret

From ABC News:
Bush Refocuses on Gay Marriage
Cheney starting to look hot

From ABC News:
Liz Taylor Dismisses Alzheimer's Disease Reports
Says she knew what she was doing each of the eight times she married someone forever

From ABC News:
Ancient Female Skeleton Unearthed in Rome
Joan Rivers hosts Travel Channel spectacular "The Eternal City"

From ABC News:
1940s TV Star Robert Sterling Dies at 88
Last words: "No, I'm not the guy from 'Twilight Zone'"

From ABC News:
Man Severs Penis to Prove Faithfulness
Police: "He's nuts ... and nothing more"

From ABC News:
Police Probe Bizarre Goat Head Display
Typical goat head displays not scrutinized

From ABC News:
Woman Claims Ring Recovered From Catfish
Russ Mitchell arrested

From ABC News:
Woolly Mammoth Ivory Big in Alaska
Scientists unsure why they shrink in other states

From ABC News:
Big Rodents Overrun Washington Seniors
Residents warned to stay out of Fire Swamp

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