Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Headline News 2006-05-03

From ABC News:
Inspector May Be Behind Mine Confusion
Clouseau in trouble at new job

From ABC News:
Woman Married to Three Men, Accused of Polygamy Scam
Husbands claim they were screwed

From ABC News:
Predators Fight the War From Vegas
Aliens headquartered in Reno

From ABC News:
Couple Reportedly Marries: He's 33, She's 104
Anna Nicole's brother learns how it's done

From ABC News:
Charity Exec Sentenced in Dominatrix Scam
Was a bad, bad boy and will get punishment he so richly deserves

From ABC News:
Boys Start Steamroller, Damage School
ACME High School in Toon Town closed for remainder of week

From ABC News:
Nagin Outlines New Orleans Evacuation Plan
Mayor, parish officials to leave at first sign of storm, residents on their own

From ABC News:
CIA Director Says No Hookers at Poker Parties
Poker parties canceled

From ABC News:
Proposed UN draft demands Iran halt nuclear program
Resolution warns of future resolutions warning of future resolutions

From ABC News:
Earthquake hits Tonga
Tonga angry, hit back

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  1. "ACME high school in Toon Town closed for remainder of week" I'm gonna be chuckling over that for days! >giggle


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