Friday, May 26, 2006

Morning Walk Of Shame

The illustrious Hatemonger's Quarterly is dealing out idiocy awards for qualifying definitions of patriotism.

One of my blogcrushes, Ghost Of A Flea, reviews the David Beckham scent cologne perfume, Eau De Metrosexual.

Ace O' Freaking Spades must be on his period again.

Steve H. is still killing me with his blah blah blogging sucks blah blah diatribes. Obviously, he lurves it.

Chasing Vincenzo attempts to challenge the recent announcement of sexiest vegetarian awards.

Straight White Guy remains the master of words when it comes to channelling Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Kevin at Wizbang just announced that a certain design crew will be rolling out a hot new look for his bloggy conglomerate. Who are those poorly masked designers?


  1. I say we redesign the whole thing while he's gone! My Belinda Carlisle masthead is available for a small fee. And Atlas Fug STILL hasn't been snatched up by someone

  2. Hah! For a moment I thought that was Basil making the grand announcement. Congratulations on the commission, and a very nice shout-out from Wizbang.

  3. Oh no no no - Sadie MUST remain the sexiest vegetarian around! Besides, I'll be powering down a burger or two this weekend for sure!

  4. ... Waldo ain't got nothing on me, Sadie...


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