Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Headline News 2006-05-23

From ABC News:
Keith Richards Plans Tour Next Month
Will be most lavish tour of mummified star since Tutankhamun's 1979 tour

From ABC News:
Bush Not Likely to See Gore's Film
Heard it uses big words

From KGTV:
Stray bullet hits teen
Jack Bauer's aim getting worse

From WSB:
Two bears invade suburbia
Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs arrested

From CNN:
Bush's faith worries Albright
Would be happier with Satanist in White House

From ABC News:
Al Gore Goes Green in Hollywood
Plans to steal Christmas

From ABC News:
Bear Enters Ohio Woman's Home, Attacks Her
Boo Boo sought as "material witness"

From ABC News:
Ex-Sen., V.P. Candidate Lloyd Bentsen Dies at 85
Funeral director: Bentson "No William Miller"*

From ABC News:
Bible Student Charged in Phone Sex Case
Told victim "thou wilst lay with me and be with child"

From ABC News:
Woman Seeks Probation for Her Cat
Not first time woman in trouble over her pussy


  1. 'Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs arrested"

    Don't I feel like an idiot after clicking on the link in a panic! Heheheheh...


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