Monday, May 8, 2006

Picnic 2006-05-08

Today's picnic basket of items from my blogroll.

  • Sean Gleeson watches raindrops.

  • Dragonlady (Dragon's Den) gets an A.

  • A Mom And Her Blog spend the day working. Or that was the plan.

  • Barbara (Tidbits And Treasures) looks at the lawsuit to remove the cross.

  • D.P. (The Institute) says Chavez wants to keep his job forever and ever and ever ...

  • Pettifog rants.

  • Jan Bussey (Cascade Exposures) isn't happy with the Park Service plan to thin out the elk.

  • Adam (Adam's Blog) is traveling.

  • Jon Swift says Iraq needs a leader with broad powers.

  • Genuine is getting too old for some of this stuff.


  1. The Knucklehead of the Day award...

    Today's winner is Roman Catholic Cardinal Francis Arinze....

  2. Reform or Reinforcement?...

    We keep playing around with a myriad of border solving concepts as panaceas for the problem. Every idea seems to come down to just two in this author’s mind: reform or reinforcement.


  3. I have a question I would like you to ask Dragonlady. "Have you ever had any strange experiences in a phone booth?".

    Thank You,
    MrsJoseGoldbloom (dragon's sister)

  4. Boy that's gotta hurt...

    Was the shooter aiming for both?...

  5. May 8th - Truman Birth Date...


  6. VIDEOS: Freudian Scenarios...

    VIDEOS on the Anniversary of Freud's birth. The vernacular of Humanity might just require a de-program the Islamofascists....

  7. Ummm...the link under my name is to

  8. Doggone it! I'm going to have to start reading my own blog.

  9. hehehe...thanks Basil, that was really fast!

  10. I just saw what you posted Goldbloom. You wish I'd tell that story!

  11. Balancing Work and Family; Mother in the Middle...

    The Home Front Charmaine in Policy Review This used to be my favorite picture of moms at work. Balancing Work and Home But Tom McMahon has a better one. I like it because the little woman can now do......

  12. Basil, thanks for including me in the picnic basket!


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