Friday, May 19, 2006

Headline News 2006-05-19

From WBAL:
Couple Arrested For Asking For Directions
Wife now understands why husband never asks

From ABC News:
Man Falls Asleep in Coffin at Funeral Home
Dracula, partying all night, doesn't make it home

From ABC News:
Texas Takes Aim at 'Gas Pill'
Beano banned

From ABC News:
Woman Gets 'DO NOT RESUSCITATE' Tattoo
Family insisted

From ABC News:
Kentucky Family Fights to Keep Pet Lion
Insists pet tiger will be lost without him

From ABC News:
Missouri Newborn Rescued From Trash Bin
Authorities shocked that someone threw away a perfectly good White boy

From ABC News:
Around the World in 44 Years -- on a Bike
Excited about possibility of meeting President Kennedy and Jackie

From ABC News:
Pope disciplines prominent priest after abuse case
No little boys for an entire month

From ABC News:
Apes Shown to Be Able to Plan Ahead
Already running for seat in 2008

From ABC News:
Blaine's Stunt Sheds Light on Limits of Human Body
Levitation still possible, holding breath is beyond human endurance

From ABC News:
Two Elderly Women Accused of Scheme to Kill Homeless Men, Bilk Them Out of Insurance
To be made into a film, "Arsenic and Old Lace II"


  1. It is downright neat to have found someone who does the same thing I do with the news

    Difference? Yours is a whole lot funnier. Now lets argue over who has been doing it the longest =D win. ^-^

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  5. Update: Iraq Sets Cabinet into Motion...

    They have dodged the bullets, lost loved ones, but never gave up! All the while enduring the negativity of our US press, our very own Senators and lawmakers, who have tried to discredit their ability to succeed....but will NEVER discredit their fortitu....


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