Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Wednesday Caption Assignment

While Cousin Red takes a break ... and tries to raise bail money ... I'm going to fill in with something a little different for a Wednesday.

Yes, it's the dreaded Caption Contest. Only there are no prizes. Only fame and fortune.

Okay, no fortune.

Okay, no fame, either.

So it's not a Caption Contest, but a Caption Assignment.

Try this. Come up with a caption or a sentence or a paragraph or a story based upon this picture I took at Publix on Monday night. I found this at the checkout counter, and couldn't pass it up:

Give it your best shot in the comments, or TrackBack a link to your story.

UPDATE: Ha! You guys are great! I really appreciate all the participation.


  1. What should have been on Britney's short list of must-read books....

  2. Captions? Oh, I've got your captions - right here (and I make a suggestive gesture).


    2. "This is your country. This is your country without borders."

    3. Yes, America is feeling a little gassy, nowadays.


    PS - oh take a look!


    I just tickle myself.

  3. On My Way out West...

    I'm going to be loving the American Southwest the next few days. Fill free to track back here while I'm away....

  4. And Cruise jumped off the couch yelling "Pregnancy? You know nothing about pregnancy... I know the history of pregnancy"

  5. RockNTheFreeWorldMay 3, 2006 at 3:14 AM

    Step One - Get tore up drunk at Soho's. Go Ahead. Do it!

    Step Two - Wake up the next morning in a strange bed with a member of the band that played last night at Soho's.

    Step Three - Purchase Clear Blue Easy at Wally World.

    Step Four - Cry and eat. For nine months.

    Step Five - Scream for 2 to 24 hours.

    Step Six - Collect Welfare since band member can't pay child support on his wages.

    Repeat as Necessary.

  6. Lie back and relax, it'll only take a second to get started ...


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