Friday, May 5, 2006

Headline News 2006-05-05

From Fox News:
McClellan: Bush 'Can Speak Spanish But Not That Well'
Adds: 'Speaks it as well as he speaks English'

From ABC News:
Calif. Woman Gives Birth to 14-Pound Preemie
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Family Kicked Out of Buffet Restaurant
Klumps threaten lawsuit

From ABC News:
Woman Claims Razor in Sandwich Cut Her
Gillette Cafe closed down

From ABC News:
Norwegian Town Plans Curfew for Dogs
Latest plan to get bitches off the streets after dark

From ABC News:
Sheriff Deputy's Wife in Hiding After Alleged Rape
Deputy taking night classes at Duke

From ABC News:
Polish conservatives seal majority with nationalists
Liberals have walrus majority

From ABC News:
Get Paid to Play Games, Check E-mail
Join rest of corporate America

From ABC News:
Web Site Offers Advice From Elders launches

From ABC News:
Artificial rain washes dust from Chinese capital
New concept is called 'water hose', could lead to improvements in lawn care


  1. Saturday...

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  2. Wow, I didn't know all-you-can-eat places kept notes on how much you ate!


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