Wednesday, March 30, 2005

5 Questions (from moehawk) Answered

I must tell you that part of my personality profile is the inability to
make decisions. You'll probably figure that out from the anwers I give.
Here's the post from oystersnout ...and my answers...such as they are:

5 Questions For Big Sister (who is 5'4")

congratulations, Big Sister (who is 5'4") ! as the first commentor on
my interview meme answers, you win a moment in the spotlight!

Question # 1:
all know that basil and your sisters (5'6", anyway) love to tease you
about the mistakes you made while learning to cook, but then always say
that you are an excellent cook. What is your favorite dish to make
(besides the ones that you have already shared, that is) ?

Hmmm...this one is kind of hard, since what I love to cook depends on how many folks are around, who the folks are, and whether it's hot or cold weather.

If it's something all sides of the family love, then it would have to
be beef stroganoff (the quick and easy ground beef kind) with rice.

My favorite "company coming over" main dish (perhaps 2-4 folk coming over) is Chicken Cordon Bleu.

If it's something to feed a crowd (like all the kids at church supper), then it would have to be spaghetti.

My son's favorite dish is Tuna Casserole...go figure.

If it's cold weather, it's one-pot
dishes for chili, or cream of chicken and broccoli soup, or
vegetable soup.

If it's decent weather (like no tornado or hurricane warnings) I grill the meat on the gas barbecue grill.

Of course, all of those are main dishes, but I do like preparing vegetables and side dishes, too.

Question # 2:
Your favorite: White, milk, or dark chocolate? and why?

My favorite is milk chocolate, because that's what a Hershey Bar is, and my all time favorite A-#1 chocolate is a Hershey Bar with Almonds.  I like dark chocolate. I do not like white chocolate. I don't like bad chocolate of any variety...which reminds me of a candy swap that went on for years between Mean Sister and me...

Question # 3:
have just won a contest from a local auto dealership and have two
choices of a brand new vehicle: a sweet little convertable sports car
or a more practical full-size pickup truck. Both are of equal value.
Which would you choose? and why?

I would choose the convertible sports car, because we already have a pickup, and because I wouldn't have chosen the pickup anyway. I just bought a van (and gave my car to my son) for the sake of practicality (somebody needed a new vehicle, and I chose me over him), but I MISS MY CAR! 

Question # 4:
In no particular order, what are the top 5 things that make you happy?

Well, I couldn't decide on the top 5, so I decided to cheat...

A job well done (whether it's for my profession or whether it's a personal goal I learning something new well enough I can explain it to someone else, or solving a logic problem)

Pleasant surroundings (warm weather, no loud noises, (no cacaphony), a serene setting (near water and trees), smiling faces, an uncluttered, organized, and clean house [which by the way, is nonexistent, but IS a dream I have], a freshly made bed with 300+ count sheets)

Hearing good news
(like a family member accomplished something they're proud of... whether it's public acclaim or not) There's too much bad news going around all the time...

Entertainment (
concerts, reading, a good movie or tv program [which means I have to get "caught up in it" which usually means it has to make sense to me or trigger memories...but not always,] a
cd that matches my mood of the moment, hearing a song I love [because
it triggers fond memories] on the radio)

Spending time with family or friends
(like going to church in my hometown with my family, or vacationing in Florida with one of the sisters at Walt Disney World or Panama City Beach, or playing a game that Mean Sister and basil can't gang up and cheat on against Little Sister and me, or going to Wal Mart with the sisters at 2:00 AM, or going to a movie with my son, or eating a good meal, or having a nice long conversation with the preacher, or going to a concert with someone who enjoys it as much as I do)

Question # 5:
weeks off. No responsibility. No cares. Where would you rather spend
the time: a) Hawaii, b) California, c) New York City, d) Home, Sweet
Home? and,of course,why?

YIKES! I hate to have to choose. I'd do something I haven't done before, so choice D is out. I guess first choice would be Hawaii, because I have never been there. Second choice would be California, because I have only been to San Francisco. I wouldn't choose two weeks in week, yes, but two I couldn't breathe around all that concrete for that long.

there's your 5 questions. answer them
on your blog, and i'll link to your post (if i can figure out this
trackback thingie, that is!)

and of course, you are bound by the
law of the meme to pass it on to as many commentors as you like, and
then you can make up the questions!

have fun!

OK, I don't even know what an interview meme is, and I surely didn't know they had laws about these kinds of things...

Does this mean that I have to ask questions of someone who responds? Sheesh! I should have read moehawk's post more carefully before I commented...

Maybe no one will respond...


  1. good answers! and, i am immune to the meme, since i have already had it!

  2. Hey, I got Book-Memed twice! What makes you so special?

  3. i called "immunity'!
    you, obviously, didn't.

  4. Oh, so you got me on a technicality, eh?

  5. blogwar, or at least a test of our combined powers might be in the works over at our new ally's place

  6. have you seen the sortapundit2 post?

  7. Yes, my thoughts exactly. I was working on a piece about that.

    I was going to include it in the Breakfast post, but I'm thinking a Blog Warrior post might be better.

    Sortapundit? (The real one.) Your thoughts?

  8. maybe a show of force would do the thing.......after all, we can Google-bomb the hell out of anyone that resists...

  9. he was a good opponent, and i guess were now in the Reconstruction phase in the old blogwar, so why not help out a new ally?

  10. ummm... i think the real Sortapundit might be asleep right now...or at work...

  11. I found the rules for the interview meme...I had to hunt....found it on MVRWC...way down the page.

    Here are the rules:

    Leave me a comment saying “interview me”. The first five commenters will be the participants.
    I will respond by asking you five questions.
    You will update your blog/site with the answers to the questions.
    You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
    When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. (Write your own questions or borrow some.)

    So...if those are the rules, someone has to comment "interview me" before I have to ask anyone any questions.
    I would have included the rules in the original post if I had known I was supposed to.
    If no one comments "interview me", then maybe I'll just interview the two of you!
    This was fun. Thanks.

  12. Yup, I've been at work (you 'mericans and you're weird time differences).

    As I was saying to Basil over at Wizbang, lets go easy on Sortapundit 2. He's only been in the blogging game a few days.

    When I say this I mean, of course, kill him if you like, but when the police come to take you away I'll be walking away down the street, all nonchalant like :)

    Or you could just kill him and say Glenn Reynolds did it.

  13. how about a polite "cease and desist", followed by a suggestion of blog name change, THEN blast him out of the water?

  14. I have an idea. What about everyone going there, leaving a comment on whatever the topic happens to be, staying on topic. But, and here's the punchline, leave as the site.

    Now think about that for a minute. It's subtle. It will get his attention if everyone leaves a comment. And he'll click on the link and see the site.

    Do that for a couple or three days and see what happens. Then, based on a reaction, or lack thereof, decide what to do next?

  15. How do both websites have the same address? They are both
    How does the computer/internet know which one to go to?
    How will leaving reference sortapundit#2 to sortapundit#1? Won't #2 think people are leaving his own website in the url space?

  16. No, read it again. The other is

    Now be nice and we'll returned your hijacked comment thread.

  17. I've been considering taking the address for a while now, as my blogspot address is Seems I left it a little too late.

    I agree with Basil's idea. I'm gonna go there now and post a comment.

  18. Hmmm. Of course, if he registers ...


    I'm screwed.

    OK, it's 1 am and time for bed. Of course, if any of you have a couple of minutes and decide to go and apply for debt consolidation while I sleep (with a fake name and the email address, of course) I'd wake up happy.

    God, I'm such a shill :)

  20. hi big sis (who is 5'4")!
    is this comment thread yours again?

  21. sortapundit:
    is your uncle?

  22. I enjoy reading your ramblings, Mrs. Shuman. :)

  23. I enjoy reading your ramblings, Mrs. Shuman :)


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