Monday, March 14, 2005

Headline News: 3/14/2005

From ABC News:
Former NAACP Leader to Run for Senate
Campaign staff already has ads featuring chains behind pick-up truck ready to run against Republican Michael Steele

From ABC News:
Bowling Balls Come in Different Scents
Hence, The Popularity Of The Phrase, "Smell My Balls"

From ABC News:
82 Cobras Stolen From Red Cross Facility
Really Stupid Vampire On Crime Spree

From ABC News:
Wyo. May Ban Facial Piercings in Eateries
Special Happy Meal Toys Being Pulled From Distribution

From ABC News:
Beauty Queen Says She Didn't Want to Kill
Afraid murder would disqualify her as Miss Congeniality

From ABC News:
Spain Frees Ill Al Jazeera Newsman to House Arrest
Prison doctors apparently not up to task

From ABC News:
Dolly the Sheep's Creator Gets Award
Wins Victor Frankenstein Award

From ABC News:
The World's Strongest Boy
Scientists amazed by Clark Kent, of Smallville, Kansas

From ABC News:
FCC Rules 'MNF' Intro Wasn't Indecent
To rule next week on scene in "The Prime Of Miss Jean Brody" where Colored woman drinks from White fountain

From CNN:
'Blair Witch' creator takes new project to Web
Ready to piss off entire on-line community, not just moviegoers with poorly conceived project

From CNN:
Police: Church killings motive unknown
Suspect he was mad about something

From CNN:
Judge blocks Guantanamo detainees' transfer
Military realize judge will never know different, transfer anyway

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