Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Headline News: 3/16/2005

From ABC News:
Gas Station Bathroom Offers Royal Touch
Includes a throne

From ABC News:
Man Found Napping in Car With Holdup Note
The Narcoleptic Bandit strikes again

From ABC News:
Robber Jailed After Using Banana As Weapon
Will be released while his case is on a peel

From ABC News:
Indiana Boy Wins Spelling Bee
Only contestant able to spell 'Terre Haute'

From ABC News:
EU Official Still Undecided on Microsoft
Not yet convinced about those Wright boys and their flying contraption, either

From ABC News:
U.S. Supports Sisters of Man Killed by IRA
"Those first few thousand murders were okay, but now they've killed one too many!"

From CNN:
Firefighter takes second Iditarod
Authorities want it back

From CNN:
GAO: Program linking schools, libraries to Web flawed
Putting AOL disk in and pressing 'Install' harder than it sounds

From CNN:
Ancient cemetery discovered
Full of dead people

From KGTV:
Setting sun blamed for deadly accident
Sun defends: "Was filming new Kellogg's Raisin Bran commercial and wearing dark glasses, didn't see other car"

From News24 South Africa:
Bush threatens Iran with UN
World body to be as forceful with Iran as it was with Iraq


  1. Basil- I just applied to the Alliance of Free Blogs.

    Here's my first horrible lie about Glenn Reynolds.

  2. It may be a tad premature, since all the paperwork takes a few days to process over at Alliance Headquarters, but let me say "Welcome." And I enjoyed the lie.

  3. basil: great headlines as always, even the really punny one (a peel, anyone?)
    so, when do we set sail for England?
    i'll be mannin' the comments postings...what words do you want me to insert into his future Google hits....AAAAARRRGH!

  4. Thanks again.

    We're giving diplomacy one last shot. If necessary, we'll make requests for bloggers and commenters. I appreciate the offer and may need your assistance by the weekend.


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