Thursday, March 17, 2005

Time Keeps On Slippin' Slippin' …

So, there's supposed to be a Blog War going on between this little blog and Sortapundit.

Brief review: Sortapundit is unhappy with our weekly posts about Search Engine results that lead to this site. Sortapundit wants to usurp us on these particular search terms. And Sortapundit has called on his faithful followers to assist.

We're not taking this lying down, and are prepared for battle with Sortapundit. After an oversight was brought to our attention, an appeal has been made for the Imperial Secretary of War, Frank J. of IMAO, to sanction this upcoming war.

We're ready for battle. Sortapundit's ready for battle. So, what's the hold-up?

Frank J.

No response from the Imperial Secretary of War. Since this blog is a member of the Emperor's Dept. of Domestic Affairs (Keep the Home Fires Burning), we need to follow all protocols.

I realize that Frank J. is a busy, busy man.

Maybe he's really, really busy at work. Or chasing the cat around the house with his johnson hanging out. Or just not interested in the little spat between this little blog and Sortapundit.

George Bush, Bill Clinton, and George Bush waited 12 years and 14 resolutions before saying "Enough is enough."

I'm not that patient.

It's Thursday. And I issue this ultimatum to Sortapundit:

This need not get ugly. But, I've got a whole sackful of ugly to unleash if necessary. Sortapundit, I expect your answer before the end of the week.

Or face the consequences.


  1. Frank is up to about a thousand unread emails.

  2. A warning shot for Sortapundit

    Just hours ago, Allied forces began an attack on Sortapundit. These attacks continue as I speak. This conflict started March 13th, 2005 when the dictator of Sortapundit threatened our neighbor, basil’s blog. basil's blog is a member of the Alli...

  3. Well, what kind of girlfriend are you?! Sure, you cook for him and clean for him, but you just let the e-mails sit.

    Women nowdays!

  4. Top 10 Reasons why DRNK is so grumpy

    #3. World attention has moved to the upcoming conflict between Basil and Sortapundit.

  5. One of the best ways to move up in the search engine ranking is to make the phrase in the title of your page until such time as it gets indexed. If it starts it out a higher score than coming later in the title. An even higher score if it comprises all of the title. I think putting it in table headers, H1, and H2 tags also increases your score.

  6. Thanks, Loren.

    Okay, Sortapundit. Loren has offered us both some good tips on how to improve our search engine rankings.

    You best stand down, Sortapundit, unless you want to face the wrath of all true blue American bloggers!

  7. Blog WAR!

    Warning Shot

    A time for peace in the blogosphere, and a time for war. Now is such a time. Where there once was a humble blogger minding his on business, unassuming, un-provoking, now no longer. Attacked for no reason other than sheer search-rank-lus...


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