Wednesday, March 16, 2005

WTW: EuroTrip

White Trash WednesdaysWouldn't you know it! Just as I was getting ready to get moved in to the trailer park, one of the ladies in the front office said it was closed this week. So, I'll be moved in next week for sure. So, I'm staying over at Lance's place. He's got cable TV. And he's got the Travel Channel. If you haven't seen it, it's got moving pictures of a bunch of places. And they had a special on Europe.

I was watching it, and it was amazing all the different things you see. Now, a lot of Europeans come across as namby-pamby know-it-alls with no balls. But that's not exactly right. True, lots of them don't even have the decency to speak English, but some of them seemed alright.

EuroSondraKThis one girl they was speaking to reminded me of one of basil's favorite Web sites: the one that SondraK runs. This European girl -- not sure if she was from Belgium, Germany, Indonesia, or some other European country -- was witty and funny and dressed real good.

Then, Lance's next door neighbor went and unhooked the cable we had run under the fence. So, I didn't get to watch the rest of the show.

EuroPeeBabyBut, Lance had left his laptop computer here, so I logged on and started surfing the Interweb. I wanted to find out more about Europe, cause it looked interesting. Plus the Germans are always wanting to take it over.

Anyway, I found out about this place just outside Europe called Brussels. It's right down the road from Belgium, as best as I can tell. So I read about one fellow's visit to the country of Brussels. It sure sounds like an interesting place. More interesting than that week I spent in the jail in Waycross, anyway.

Euro_ecosta01So that statue of the peeing boy got me to thinking. I wondered what else kind of art they had in Europe. So I kept surfing around and found out about this fellow from Athens called Costa Evangelatos. I was thinking, "Heck, that's no good. I got a niece that goes to school over there. Basil's daughter is at the University of Georgia. How 'Bout Them Dawgs!" Then I kept reading and saw that this was the Athens that's over in Greece. I didn't know that place was real. I read about Athens Greece in school. I thought it was mythology. Sort of like Atlantis, Shangra La, and Mobile. But it's a real place. Anyhow, this Costa Evangelatos is some kind of artist or something. Check his stuff out. That's art. Or nearly so. No pictures of dogs playing poker or velvet Elvis or anything really cool. But I guess it's alright.

Anyhow, I've found out that those Europeans aren't really any different than us. They do celebrate Easter a little different, but other than that, they're just like regular people. If one of them Europeans moved in to the trailer park, they'd fit right in, if they'd learn to talk English good.

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  1. I completely skipped over the "not work safe" warning. Oh well, hopefully no one was spying on me at that particular moment :)

  2. oddybobo:
    You'll be fine. I know how you are: Just give 'em those soulful eyes and you get away with anything.


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