Saturday, March 19, 2005

Headline News: 3/19/2005

From ABC News:
EU Threatens Microsoft With New Fines
Haven't said what they'll do if Microsoft takes their software and goes home

From ABC News:
Lawmaker Seeks to End 'Sexy' Cheerleading
Fear of being kissed and shot by Chris Cooper cited as top reason

From ABC News:
Burning Cow Dung Starts Colorado Wildfire
Satan's cows on rampage

From ABC News:
'Satan' Said to Appear on Turtle's Shell
Asks 'Have you seen my cows?'

From ABC News:
Woman Paid Invisible 'Mermaids' Airfare
Crazy women not on airlines' watch list

From ABC News:
Empty Car Starts Up, Crashes Into House
Invisible mermaid terrorists on rampage

From ABC News:
Judge Refuses to Let Cousins Marry
For now, they'll just keep fonicating pending a move to West Virginia

From ABC News:
Shooting, Missteps Hurt Atlanta's Image
Long for good old days when city was known as 'Home to the Child-killer' and 'Site of the Olympic Bombing'

From ABC News:
N.Y. Residents Upset Over Sale of Cannon
Fears attack from New Jersey

From ABC News:
Michael Schiavo's Dilemma
'How do I kill my wife and still sleep at night?'

From ABC News:
Activists Protest Iraq War on Anniversary
Call for return of Saddam to power

From ABC News:
Pope to Usher in Holy Week on Sidelines
Hopes to be full strength by playoffs

From ABC News:
N.Y. Prayer Service Irks Mideast Muslims
Mideast clerics proclaim: 'Allah a misogynist'

From ABC News:
Haiti Shops Strike to Protest Violence
Will beat up anyone who crosses picket line

From ABC News:
Reba McEntire Debuts Clothing Line
Clothes look just like Jennifer Lopez's line, except for the normal-sized ass

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