Tuesday, March 22, 2005

WTW: Fun and Games

White Trash WednesdaysWell, we got all moved in last week. I appreciate Lance helping me out. I was a little disappointed that Beulah Mae was off doing stuff, but hey, that's how it goes. She did show up later and that was cool. I think I upset her with my book thingy I sent her. I wasn't acting all uppity or nothing, but it seemed that way. But, I ain't no dummy. Got 17 hours credits from Florida State University, Valdosta State, and Waycross College. And I earned every one of them. Took me 6 years, cause I stay at something once I start.

Anyway, it was good to see Sortapundit on the list for being here today. I'm looking forward to seeing him here today. He's from England or Britain or somewhere near London. He says he's from Manchester, but that's just up the road from Columbus, Georgia, I think. Sortapundit's a blogger, and lots of them don't always tell who they really are. Like that Libertarian Girl, who used to be hot (I'm talking about the picture and the hits on the blogsite), but now don't do no better than Basil does.

But, like I started to say, Sortapundit is from England. I don't know what games they play for relaxing over there. Andy Capp in the funny papers plays darts and gets his head smashed by Flo. They got some David Beckham guy that all the girls think is hot and he plays soccer. And they call it football! They ain't seen football until they've seen Bobby Bowden's Seminoles take the field and put a big old butt-whuppin' on some ACC powers like Clemson or Wake Forest.

Anyhow, in England, they used to have knights riding horses so they ought to know about horseshoes. I used to have a horseshoe set, but the ex got it in the divorce, along with the Camaro. She still drives that Camaro. I see it when she comes to the family reunions. She's took the Rebel Flag tag off the front and put some mirror tag with a flower on it. That ain't right. Anyway, since I ain't got my old championship caliber horseshoe set, I've had to make due best way I can.

Red_horseshoesSo, if Sortapundit shows up, maybe him and me can play horseshoes. He'd probably be pretty tough.He's give my cousin Basil fits with that Google searchy stuff war they been having. Ole Basil had to go get hisself some folks to help him out cause he couldn't do it by hisself. He's a wuss. But I guess I'd better not get to hard on Basil's case. After all, I'm just filling in on Wednesdays for him because he needs a break. Spends all his time on the Interweb using his computer.

But enough about him. This is MY day to be blogging. And I'm learning how to do all kinda cool things, like adding links to different sites and such. You can't have too many links. And like I was saying, Sortapundit's supposed to be here today and I'm looking forward to seeing him. He said he's bring some Coors. It ain't Icehouse or Miller Lite, but it'll do.

Well, olde (ain't that how they spell it over in England?) Sortapundit has showed up. He seems like a real likable short. Now, his family might have an issue or two, but like we always say, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your family. And after chatting with him, I found out that "fag" and "cigarette" are the same thing. Who'da thought that? Which makes me wonder, can you get in trouble for calling someone a "cigarette?"

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  1. We only drink Budweiser beer in our trailer cuz thats the beer Dale Jr. drinks! Whoo Hoo, Nascar! Yeah!

  2. Earnhardt!!!! Damn striaght!! Woo-hoo!!!

    Jeff Gordon sucks!!!

  3. Oh, I don't think you'd get in trouble for callin somebody a cigarette. They got a ruler over there called a monarch and that's a cigarette. In fact they's lots of cigarettes that's named after lots of forriners, so I dont think they'd mind.


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