Monday, March 21, 2005

Headline News: 2005-03-21

From ABC News:
Four-Legged Frequent Fliers
Aliens from Omicron Persei VIII rack up the miles with every visit to Earth

From ABC News:
Cabaret Singer Bobby Short Dies
Sadly, no on knew he was still alive

From ABC News:
The Mystery of Hogzilla Solved
Scientists conclude large dead hog was a large dead hog

From ABC News:
Man Arrested After Saying He Killed Family
That will cause it to happen

From ABC News:
Arabs Reject Normalization With Israel
Prefer to be blown up by Israeli tanks

From ABC News:
Parker Bowles in Line to Become Queen
If Elton John retires

From ABC News:
Are Girl Scouts Pushing Junk Food?
People with nothing better to complain about discover that Girl Scout Cookies are cookies

From ABC News:
Selena's Legacy Grows After Her Death
If only she was that talented when she was alive

From ABC News:
Stallone to Induct Hogan in Hall of Fame
Newkirk, LeBeau fail to receive enough votes

From ABC News:
A Look at the Characters From 'Robots'
Yep, they're robots

Supreme Court sidesteps dispute over Bush appointment of Pryor
Supporters of Chris Rock, Robin Williams disappointed with ruling

From Washington Post:
Driver Dies in Submerged Car
Kennedy: "Hmph. Amateur."

From Channel News Asia, Singapore:
Bush fire rages on for hours at Lorong Halus
President sought for questioning

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