Saturday, March 12, 2005

Headline News: 2005-03-12

From ABC News:
Speeding Wallaby Startles Residents in Ky.
Hopes to join NASCAR circuit

From ABC News:
Video Game Developers See the Future
Clairvoyance II released for X-Box, PlayStation

From CNN:
Schwarzenegger wants to dump junk food at schools
Will be cheaper than taking it to landfills

From CNN:
'Meet the Parents' actress dead at 31
Will star in third film in series: Meet Your Maker

From CNN money:
Gas hurting SUV sales
Gas-X, Beano expected to help

From BBC:
Gene blamed for eyesight threat
Paul, Ace, Peter defend bandmate

From BBC:
Software legend joins Microsoft
Laura Croft to lead battle against Linux

From Washington Post:
Fannie Changes Pay Policies
Boobie pay policies unchanged

From Washington Post:
Hughes to Rejoin Bush Staff
It was coming apart

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