Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Headline News: 3/22/2005

From CNN:
Harvard votes no-confidence in Summers
Faculty upset that he thinks men and women are different

From CNN:
Villain announced for 'Spider-Man 3'
Thomas Haden Church will play Orkin Man

From CNN:
Rumsfeld: Insurgency slows progress
Defense Secretary attains grasp of obvious

From CNN:
Rice heats up N. Korean rhetoric
North Koreans heat up rice for supper

From KSBW:
Mountain lion spotted near golf course
Normally, it's leopards that are spotted

From WEWS:
Safe containing $5,000 found in river
Safes can't swim

From KOAT:
Want to attend prom? Take alcohol class
Demi Moore registers

From CNN:
Egypt opposition candidate charged
Batteries were low

From CNN:
School gunman stole police pistol, vest and car
Gun control advocates join forces with vest control, car control advocates

From CNN:
Packer, Ho in Macau casino deal
Brett Favre, Madonna start entertainment company

From CNN:
15 years for absent al-Zarqawi
That'll show him

From ABC News:
Blake Says He's Ready to 'Live Again'
Puts murdering his wife behind him


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