Sunday, March 20, 2005

Headline News: 3/20/2005

From CNN:
Notre Dame keeps Irish language alive
Perhaps if Terri was a language...

From CNN:
Schiavo's mom begs: 'Save my little girl'
Meanwhile, Michael has lunch with his mentor, Satan

From CNN:
Bangladesh bans smoking in public
Ron White already working on new 'Tater Salad' routine

From CNN:
Is Demi Moore pregnant?
But that would mean... EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

From CNN:
U.S. probes Yucca Mountain documents
Mountain says diaries were private

From CNN:
Robots wobble but don't fall down
Weebles plan to take over Earth from humans

From CNN:
Yahoo to step into blogosphere
Company finally believes this Internet thing might actually take off

From CNN:
Martha Stewart may be resentenced
Her release was such a hit, networks demand sequel

From CNN money:
Automaker DeLorean dies
Forever stuck in 2005

From WGAL:
Internet games help students learn
Will have promising career surfing the Net at work

From KGTV:
Catholic Funeral Services Denied To Gay Business Man
Should have become a priest and been attracted to boys instead of men

From WRTV:
Police search for 'Handsome Bandit'
But ... I'm not a bandit!

From KOAT:
Medical marijuana bill awaits House
Sponsors keep forgetting to offer it on the floor of Legislature

From KMGH:
Men accused of setting cat on fire
Defend actions: 'We like really hot pussy'

From CNN International:
McCartneys: Bush is behind us
Bush: Those McCartney sisters have some really cute butts

From CNN International:
Qatar car bomber 'was Egyptian'
Walked just like song said

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