Tuesday, March 15, 2005

On The Brink

Sortapundit is ready for war. This little blog is ready for war with Sortapundit.

Brief review: Sortapundit is unhappy with our weekly posts about Search Engine results that lead to this site. Sortapundit wants to usurp us on these particular search terms. And Sortapundit has called on his faithful followers to assist.

We're not taking this lying down, and are prepared for battle with Sortapundit. An appeal has been made to the Imperial Secretary of War, Frank J. of IMAO, regarding this upcoming war. We await word from the leader of the IMAO, the lovely and talented Frank J., with eagerness and anticipation.

Sortapundit has drawn the lines and evoked the name and words of Sir Winston Churchill. This little blog will meet Sortapundit's challenge with all the ferociousness of one of Sir Winston's contemporaries.

Sortapundit, you are to all apprearances an able and worthy adversary. You will soon find out that the same applies here.

We're on the brink of battle. Open hostilities could break out any time. Be advised, Sortapundit. It won't be pretty. But it will be glorious!

It will be glorious!


  1. Come on Pa, can't I at least shoot him in the leg while we're waitin' on Frank J?

    It won't be much, only a flesh wound.

  2. Hold your fire, but keep your powder dry. Just because open hostilities have not begun doesn't mean we're not positioning things behind the scenes.

    The opening salvo, once Frank J. gives approval, will be ... well, let's say that "Shock and Awe" would not be an overstatement.

  3. I don't think I could have said it better myself.

    Or would have, either.

  4. How's Frank J. going to get it started? I suggest "One, two, three, four, I declare a BLOG WAR!" Then the lights go out and somebody screams.

  5. i think it will be as simple as a "thumb up" or "thumb down".

  6. If you've got to have a symbol, why not pick Worf? Remember, he defeated Gowran during the Dominion Wars just before the great battle between the Federation-Kilingnon-Romulan task force and the Dominion-Breen-Cardacian[they thought] alliance at Cardacia Prime. Worf in turn gave the title he subsequently won to Gen. Martok[sp]. This defeat of the Dominion was the turning point of the war.

    So of course I would like to see you start off on a positive note with nothing to "jinx" your efforts. Besides, Worf is an honorable Klingnon now of the House of Martok!! His name alone ought to make your enemies knees shake!!!

  7. Frank L.:
    That might just work!

    Possible so. I haven't found a particular instance where he has made a declaration of such. I guess I need to keep looking. Or look where I've looked, but do a better job.

    Worf was my first thought (great minds think alike) but I decided to go with the leader of the Klingons instead. Yes, he died in battle (an honorable death) against Worf, but he was a better leader off the battlefield than on. And battle has not yet begun. I have a *real* warrior set aside for when actual battle begins. One I'm sure you'll approve.

  8. I got it, I will stand in the middle in a tight sweater waving a scarf that I pull from said tight sweater and thrust backwards, ala Cha Cha from Grease ;)

  9. oddybobo:
    Ah, yes, to remind us all what what we're fighting for!

  10. I Coulda Been a Contender!

    “I coulda been SOMEBODY!” Tell me what movie that famous line is from and you’ll win—nothing, but I’m begging for comments. I’m totally hooked on The Contender, NBC’s latest reality show. It’s not nearly ...

  11. Blog War!

    GOP and the City has taken Basil's side in the upcoming hostilities.

  12. Well since nobody else has done it yet I will.

    Could we see the Tight Sweater modeled prior to going off to war? Some of us might not make it back.

  13. I was waiting on one of you. Figured it would be you!

  14. dang. guess i have to give the sweater back to oddybobo so she can model it...i liked that sweater....

  15. Hey, different ones fight for different things.


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