Sunday, March 20, 2005

I'm An American. Sortapundit Isn't.

Like there was any doubt. And, even though he won't take our side is this great Blog War, we do thank Pirate's Cove for leading us to this quiz.

Captain Teach, I'm having a difficult time believing you answered the questions about being for us or against us in any way that would not support the great cause of Americans against that crumpet muncher, Sortapundit. [UPDATE: Pirate's Cove has since declared on the side of the Good Guys in the battle against Sortapundit.]

In fact, Sortapundit has begun a quest for foreign aid. We Americans are notorious for our willingness to assist others, sometimes more than each other. But that's part of being an American. And we will help out Sortapundit in his time of need. And we encourage others, those part of this coalition and those who haven't taken sides, to assist Sortapundit. Because we're Americans. We'll help you with our right hand while bashing your skull with our left. Or the other way around. It doesn't matter. We're Americans.

Oh, and there are many others who claim to be Americans who haven't joined us in our epic struggle. Of course, the crew at IMAO comes to mind. It's Sunday afternoon, and of the entire crew (Frank J., Harvey, RightWingDuck, Cadet Happy, spacemonkey, Scott, SarahK, and Aquaman) over there, none have bothered to post anything new since noon Saturday. Why, this is the sixth post here since then.

Yes, we've mostly droned on about the War against Sortapundit, but you can't let up against a crafty enemy like that. Crumpet muncher.

There are others that haven't joined in, and I don't want to shame anyone. But it's War!! War I tell you! And, if Sortapundit jumps ahead of this or the other blogs in the Good Guys alliance, the consquences could be catastrophic.

Don't let Sortapundit move ahead of us in the search engine rankings for

Or for Pirate Thongs, either. Sortapundit might wear a thong, but he doesn't wear a Pirate Thong.

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  1. Blog War Part 2

    Excuse me for a moment please, just helping out basil...nothing to see here, folks... :wink:

    Gizoogle, Paris Hilton's cell phone number, The Niggas at DFNCTSC (?), Strip clubs in Ohio with midget strippers, girls big tit, free big tit sites, Ja...


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