Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sortapundit Will Fail!!

Good Guys Battle FlagSortapundit is hanging tough in this battle. Although Sortapundit has made some advancements, others who have taken up the cause in this Blog War have made the outcome clear.

That crumpet muncher Sortapundit, who wears a thong -- and not a pirate thong, mind you -- continues his futile battle to capture the top spot in the seven sacred search terms.

All brave members of the Good Guys in the battle against Sortapundit and his minions (but hold the cheese) are asked to continue the task of posting the seven sacred search terms and calling the thong-wearing crumpet muncher Sortapundit bad name.

That'll show him.

You can use this chart to monitor the progress in the war against the evil Sortapundit.

Search TermGoogleYahoo!MSN

We will prevail! The evil Sortapundit will fail!


  1. Round The Reader Sunday

    (Huh? I thought you had Friday, Beth...?)

    Yeah, well I kinda spaced it because of my blog-ADHD so I'm doing it today.

    First, though, make phone calls and send email. Then send a package to Terri.

    Here's my slap-happy roundup!

    God, w...

  2. Possibly random and violent thoughts

    It is amazing what a barbarian horde of drunken baboons will do to wreck your sleep schedule.

    The next incestuous hillbilly who stumbles hollering into my apartment at 3 o'clock and begins projectile vomiting while simultaneously singing, is going...

  3. Blog Wars-I have made a choice

    After many negotiations and thongs, I have decided to donate me cutlass in the defense of Basil in his war against Sortapundit. Unlike Switzerland, I can be bribed with thongs gold links. Especially since I am page 1 of google

  4. A Day in the life of a Crumpet Muncher

    Update from InterPol * ::

    A resent search done on Gizoogle for the Crumpet Muncher (a.k.a. - SortaPundit) has yielded more results and evidence than the French agents in InterPol have in the past week. This site has learned a lot from Gizoogle. For ...


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