Monday, March 21, 2005

Sortapundit Is White Trash

No, this is not a personal attack against Sortapundit. He admits as much on his Web site today. And that's one of two things he says about himself today. The other is that he isn't French.

His thong-wearing days may be in the past. Or at least his French thong-wearing days. But his days of being a threat to take possession of any of the Sacred Seven Search Phrases are numbered. Check out the latest standings here. We've also included Pirate Pirate thong because, if Sortapundit isn't going to wear the French thongs, he can at least wear a Pirate thong.

Search Term Google Yahoo! MSN
standard quoted standard quoted standard quoted
Gizoogle check check check
Paris Hilton's cell phone number check check check check check check
The Niggas at DFNCTSC check check check check check check
Strip clubs in Ohio with midget strippers check check check check check check
Girls big tit check check check check check check
Free big tit sites check check check check check check
Jamie Lynn Spears naked check check check check check check
Pirate thongs check check check check check check
Sortapundit check check check
basil's blog check check check check check check

Also, Sortapundit, we're awaiting confirmation on meeting on Wednesday at the Trailer Park.


  1. The Chosen One

    All The Niggas at DFNCTSC agree that Gizoogle is much cooler than Jamie Lynn Spears naked. Plus it carries a shorter jail time than Strip clubs in Ohio with midget strippers.

    Besides, even if you had Paris Hilton's cell phone number, she wouldn't an...

  2. OT- Basil, I just added trackback autodetection to my blog. How can I tell if it is working, or is worth the extra page load?

  3. Whose caption contest is this from?

    Good eye, soldier.

    I made my edits, but can't remember whose contest this is from. Any takers?

  4. OT: Tom, I'm responding on your site. To summarize, I've not used it, but Red State Rant apparently has used something similar. Not sure is Lance set it up, or if one of his Tech friends did.

  5. Basil, you have the trackback autodiscovery code on your site too.

    From what I gather, it just makes my site easier to ping.

  6. Uh, if I do, then perhaps I'm not aware of what the AutoDiscovery code is. When I post, I have to manually enter the TrackBack URI. It doens't find the TrackBack for me.

    Are we talking about separate things?

  7. I don't think so.

    From what I gather, the code attaches a trackback ping-url to each of your posts (check for yourself). This lets other people ping you easier because the post-url and the trackback-url are merged- they only need to look through a list of your posts and send a ping, rather than manually hunt down the trackback url within a post.

  8. I like that we beat out Sortapundit on a search for Sortapundit.

  9. The Man:
    Yeah, that rocks! He's still tops on his name on Google and MSN (as of this morning) but is #8 on Yahoo! behind phin, me, OTB, and ... Oliver "Whatchutalkinbout" Willis???

    Holy crap!

    Maybe we ought to swing Sortapundit over to our side, combine forces, and go after him! Hmmm.

  10. I hope he meets us tomorrow at the Trailer Park for White Trash Wednesday. He's been invited to drop by.

  11. I'll be dropping by. I'll bring a 6-pack of Coors and my smellhound.

  12. A cease-fire will be declared for Wednesday. We look forward to seeing you at the Trailer Park.

  13. Can I have directions to the trailer park?

  14. It's easy. Just follow these directions.

    If you still ain't clear, give Basil an e-mail. He's taking the missus out to eat tonight, and he'll holler back at ya when he gets in.


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