Sunday, March 20, 2005

Join The War Against Sortapundit

As the battle rages against the evil Sortapundit, we on the Good Guys side have been gratified by all the support we have received. And we would like for you to join the fray. If you need background, read the background posts here. Or visit one of the Blog Warriors listed below.

To join the War against that crumpet muncher Sortapundit, here's what we ask:

Post the Sacred Seven Search Phrases that Sortapundit challenged to take. Either link them to this site, to your site, or to any site within the Good Guys list. It's not important that this little blog stay above Sortapundit's rankings, although that was his challenge. As long as one of us defeats him, we all defeat him. As the General said, "We are a team!"

We also ask that you let us know to add you to the list of Good Guys, the Blog Warriors in the battle against Sortapundit.

And if you want to call him a crumpet muncher, that's okay, too.

Here is a current list of those who have taken up the cause:

The Alliance
21st Century Paladin
Assumption of Command
Down for Repairs
GOP and College
GOP and the City
Mean Ol' Meany
MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Nickie Goomba
Ogre's Politics & Views
Our Life
phin's blog
Pirate's Cove
The View from the Bunker
Travis Benning
Tursiops Times

To join this list, email me.


  1. Just wonder if ye can do me a wee favor, and change my link to, por favor? Doesn't show up in ye old Truth Laid Bear otherwise, matie.

    PS, are you using halo scan with typepad? How is that working out? Have thought about the free one.

  2. It has been corrected. It was correct on my standard BlogRoll, but I made the error on the Blog War BlogRoll. Sorry, Captain!

    As for HaloScan, no. I used it with the older Blogger site, but didn't use it when I moved to TypePad. It looks like it could be used, but it would have to be manually configured. I suspect the Movable Type code would work.

  3. I added the flag, but copied it to my own image dump. I don't want to hotlink from you.

    You might want to add something to the effect of, "if possible, use your own damn flag pic!"

  4. I appreciate it. And I dont' know that I could have put it any better.

  5. Just Ignore This

    Beth pointed out to me that basil needs help. So here we go (this is one of those search engine manipulation gimmicks; there is nothing to see here): Gizoogle Paris Hilton's cell phone number The Niggas at DFNCTSC Strip clubs...

  6. Thanks, Basil. Had been wondering about the haloscan, cause it looks like something haloscan loads when you enter your main page

  7. Yes, it does. I was unable to move the comments from the old site to this site, so I left them on HaloScan, and manually entered a link to those comments.

    If I can figure out how to insert old comments on TypePad, I'd rather do that.

  8. The Basil Revolution Update

    The Blog War between the Basil (The Good Guys) and the Axis of Sconners, led by a carpet muncher named Sortapundit, enters it's second week. In New York and across the globe hundreds of protesters marched to end the hostilites and put an end to the c...

  9. weren't we promised a buxom women in a tight shirt waving a scarf?
    did I miss that post or were we mislead?

  10. Yeah. Whatever happened there? Didn't someone promise that several days ago?

    Or was she saying she'd get RuPaul's sister to reprise her role from "Grease"?

  11. Blog War

    A Blog War has erupted between the forces of Basil listed here: And the forces of Sortapundit...who barely exist. What...

  12. The Alliance has your back :-)

  13. Harvey:
    That is the best news I've had all week. Thank you so much for your confidence and support.

  14. Gone to War

    It is my solemn duty to announce that The View from the Bunker is taking military action, joining the Good Guys in the Blog War of Basil against Sortapundit.


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