Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Headline News: 3/15/2005

From ABC News:
Stewart Says Ankle Device Is Uncomfortable
Still better than nightly beatings and prison rape

From ABC News:
Fecal Matter Found in Vice Mayor's Mail
Holy Crap!

From ABC News:
Big Dig Consultant Can't Vouch for Safety
Marmaduke says not within scope of contract

From ABC News:
IRS Warns Taxpayers to Avoid Tax Scams
Laws give them a monopoly on tax scams

From ABC News:
'American Idol' Moves on Without Mario
World keeps spinning, millions relieved

From ABC News:
Charges Against Actress Rosario Dawson Dropped
District Attorney couldn't figure out who the heck she was

From ABC News:
Tom DeLay Denies Ethical Lapse in Trips
"Can't Lose What You Don't Got"

From CNN:
Molly Hatchet lead singer dies at 53
Danny Joe Brown, Chris LeDoux announce 'Afterlife 2005' Tour

From WDIV:
Man set on fire during argument
Heated discussion gets out of control

From CNN International:
Donkey arrested after traffic accident
Authorities say he was acting like an ass

From Washington Post:
Many Americans Say War Wasn't Worth It
Newspaper unaware election was last November

From New York Times:
Baseball Testing Shows Drop in Use of a Popular Steroid
Selig: "No one uses steroids, and usage is down from zero"

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