Wednesday, March 23, 2005

WTW: Whudda Yew Meen?

White Trash WednesdaysI ain't nere seen no such as this. All this hullabaloo bout white trash. Holy moses, ain't none a y'all even seen paper? Its all white...lessen you ben hi-falutin to tha Walmarks and bought some a that fancy stuff. Them newspapers is white, them letters from tha bill collectors is white, them eviction notices is white. Whut's the big deel...hang on jest a minute...whut...they meen whut??

Oh, never mind.

Aunt Gladys


  1. Wind done blew so hard t'other night and now my double-wide is a single and now the trash is all over and I ain't talking 'bout my kin. Damn wind 'bout as useful as chicken shit on da pump handle.

  2. I heard someone say "Holy Moses"..was y'all calling me? Heh

    I know what ya mean,Aunt Gladys.I ain't seen so much disrespect shown towards the color white since our local daycare center had jes' one roll of terlit paper fer 150 kids.

    It jes ain't right.

  3. Terlit paper? You must be a livin on the other side of the traks. We's been a usin corn cobs...none a that ole sissy stuff fer us.

  4. Aunt Gladys you can call usin' terlit paper sissy if you wants to but as soon as Ma and Pa started using Sharmin in the outhouse, I kwit with the corn cobs and the seers and rowbuck kattalogg myself. They's just sumthing about having soft terlit paper that makes me feel like a reel lady.


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