Monday, March 28, 2005

Blog War Update

By now, you know that the Blog War with Sortapundit is over. The many, many sites that joined our side have our eternal gratitude.

Right now, we're still experiencing diminished Internet connectivity because of the lightning strike Sunday. We're borrowing a dial-up Internet connection at the moment, so we've got to keep it short. That also helps explain the abbreviated Headline News tonight.

We'll have more about Sortapundit tomorrow. Right now: Sortapundit, thank you for being a worthy competitor.


  1. Awwww....I'm kind of let down...

    Maybe you could start a war FOR his car repairs...

  2. ACK! dial-up!
    there's always another battle to fight...just have to find it first!

  3. Hope to have a war wrap-up later today.

  4. Ya, ya, ya, but who won?!? Has a treaty been signed? What about the POWs?!? Don't make me search for CNN in my blocked station list.

  5. The War Is Over

    No, no, no. Not Iraq, the war between Basil and that droopy-pants wearing know-nothing Sortapundit. The details are a bit sketchy but I think they traded baked goods and Twizzlers to seal the deal.

    Maybe I'm new to these cyberfights but I expected ...


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