Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Fred The Gnome

GnomeFred the Gnome, who was left guarding Chuck's Chat while Chuck went on Spring Break has been on Spring Break himself. He has accepted almost every invitation offered him, and has left Chuck's place completely unattended.

Anyway, he stopped by here and said "Hi!" while on his way to Gulf Shores or somewhere.

He was concerned what might happen if Chuck got back and found out he was gone. But, then some hot chicks trying to go to Panama City made a wrong turn at La Grange or something and ended up here, so Fred forgot all about Chuck again.

The girls decided to head to Orange Beach or Gulf Shores rather than backtrack. They can't read maps well. Anyway, they said that Fred was cute and invited him to go with them. Seems they have a thing for gnomes.

Gnome_basilSo, think I'll pass as a gnome?


  1. Strange encounters of the Crumpet Muncher kind

    Chuck is on Spring Break... I just got back from it myself. Yep, I went to... work. I also had a cold, so that blew (my nose).

    So, during the time that he is gone from the blog-o-sphere he left Fred, his gnome or something. Anyway, Fred apparently ...

  2. too funny!
    where can i get a gnome?

  3. Just "right-click > save" the one here, on Chris' site, or Nick's site, or anywhere that Fred appears. Of course, once you have it saved locally, you can upload it to your server/picture service and link to it from there.

  4. The Mean Sister (who is 5'6")March 24, 2005 at 2:05 AM

    OK--I need a warning next time, basil. Diet Cherry Coke and computers don't mix! You so cute!

  5. I'm just glad the wife doesn't read the blog. Her baseball bat and my head wouldn't mix well, either.

  6. I love that cute little basil has morphed into strangley disturbed gnome-basil . . .

  7. And gnome-basil is still waiting on the chicks heading to Gulf Shores. He might be waiting a while.

  8. basil's been kidnapped

    basil from basil's blog has been kidnapped.
    Last report is that he was waiting on some the chicks heading to Gulf Shores.
    Well if this is them, I'm not sure of their intention, but poor basil. And to think ...

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