Saturday, March 12, 2005

Something Extra

Headline News was a little light tonight. Hey, I don't make the news up; I only fill in the blanks on what's there. Regardless, I felt bad that there was nothing more than that. So, to try to make up for it, here's Something Extra.

These are some odd, interesting, peculiar, or otherwise eye-catching Web sites, along with information from the site itself. Enjoy.
  • The Infinite Cat Project:
    It all began innocently enough when a user on an Apple help web site posted a picture of his cat, Frankie, contemplating the beauty of a flower. Shortly afterwards another user posted a picture of his cat bristling at the image of Frankie on the monitor. I decided this was too much fun and advanced the concept as The Infinite Cat Project which is, simply, cats regarding cats regarding cats in an electronic melieu.
  • Holland & Bodell:
    September 11th ... was a day on one will ever forget. Remember the picture of the twin towers coming down with dust, dust and more dust everywhere? You had a sense you wanted to cleanse yourself from this monumental unhappiness. That is when Rosalie Holland came up with the idea for a 100% PURE GLYCERIN BAR OF FAITH PRAYER SOAP.
  • Doggles:
    Doggles are protective eyewear for dogs.  They are actually goggles for dogs, hence the name.  Unlike ordinary sunglasses for dogs, Doggles actually protect dog's eyes from foreign objects, wind, and UV light.
  • Huriyah:
    A magazine for Queer Muslims.
  • Star-Spangled Ice Cream:
    Ice Cream with a Conservative Flavor. A conservative alternative to Ben & Jerry's.

If you run across any really interesting Web sites you'd like to share, and you have a post about them, leave a TrackBack, and please link back here so your readers can enjoy these, too.

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  1. I can't quite get a hang of the trackback feature.

    The Everyday Happenings of Weebl and His Sometime Friend Bob is a good site for incoherent egg rants. Elvis and Scooby show up too.

    My Cat Hates You has alot of shaved pussies.

    The Cat Gallery, devoted to the cats of famous artists.

    The Band Name Generator is fun.

    Santo And Johnny's "Sleep Walk", played non-stop in the background.

    Rathergood is THE one place you need to go the get your dose of singing kittens and hamsters.

    Rosie O'Donnell's blog will make you wish you never saw her "poetry."

  2. Fugedahboudit!

    I links them as I sees them.

  3. band name generator IS fun!
    if i had a band, i would totally name it "oystersnout" or "A Fistful of Tapirs"!
    gotta go learn to play guitar....

  4. moehawk:
    Let us know when your first single is released... back into the wild!

  5. Tom:
    I thought about RatherGood the other day when I saw Darius Rucker on the Burger King commercial. It seemed to me they were going for the same effect as the old Quiznos ads that featured the SpongeMonkeys. You know, "What the heck am I looking at? I'm all confused! Let's go eat!"

    Again, thanks for sharing.

  6. The Big Sister (who's 5'4")March 13, 2005 at 5:16 AM

    I checked out the infinite cat project....some of the pictures were remarkable.
    Now I am craving ice cream....and I don't mean the Dairy Queen variety. I may just have to travel to a nearby town to get some.

  7. Mmmmm. Ice cream.

    You know they sell ice cream over in this part of the state, right?

  8. basil:
    i let the squirrels go, so does that count?

  9. moehawk:
    Let's see how next week's search logs turn out.


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