Thursday, March 17, 2005

Headline News: 3/17/2005

From ABC News:
Man in Montana Arrested in Letterman Plot
Association, Cowsill plotters still at large

From ABC News:
Norwegian, 79, Drives Drunk in Wrong Car
Released after promising to drive drunk in correct car

From ABC News:
Polygamous Police Chief May Lose Badge
Might lose more than that if first wife finds out about second, third wives

From ABC News:
Robert Blake Found Not Guilty of Killing Wife
Tells Scott Peterson "Should have ponied up the money for me to kill Laci"

From ABC News:
Damaging Alien Snail Found in Georgia
War-like Snail Creatures From Omicron VII Landed On Earth Last Month

From ABC News:
Will Obesity Shorten Life Expectancy?
How many fat 70-year-old men have you ever met?

From ABC News:
Rapper Lil' Kim Convicted of Perjury
May have to either serve five years or run for president as a Democrat

From ABC News:
Newly Acquitted Robert Blake Seeks Work
Offering special: Will kill two wives for price of one

From ABC News:
McGwire Tells Panel He Won't Name Names
Steroid use affects memory

From CNN:
Science exhibit asks 'Know Thy Poop'
Steals Frank J.'s bit.

From New York Times:
Bonds Has Another Surgery; May Miss Opener
Doctors hope integrity transplant successful

From Reuters:
Bush moves to put mark on World Bank, UN
Will tattoo '666' on members hands, foreheads


  1. even meaner and funnier than usual. Thoughts of blogwar must bring out your best.
    are the alien snails related in any way to the Brain Slugs?


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