Friday, March 18, 2005

Cry Havoc!

Sortapundit seemed to want this war. Sortapundit seemed to desire this war. Sortapundit seemed to need this war. Sortapundit got a war.

For those not familiar, here's the background:

On 13 March 2005, Sortapundit gave notice that he was no longer posting in an American accent, going so far as to use Markos Moulitsas' most infamous phrase regarding Americans:
Exhibit 1

Later on same day, I posted a link to his post:
Exhibit 2

Later on same day, Sortapundit posted a complaint concerning my weekly posts regarding Search Engine referrals to my site.
Exhibit 3

In his post, Sortapundit requested his audience assist in getting his site listed higher in Google rankings for seven (7) premium search phrases:

He concluded his post with the declarative "I will end you."

In comments to same post, I responded "This means war," to which he responded with John Kerry's most infamous phrase regarding our President:
Exhibit 4

On 14 March 2005, I posted a formal response summarizing the situation, and comments to same post, Sortapundit quoted Sir Winston Churchill, ending with a declaration that battle was soon to begin:
Exhibit 5

On same day, Sortapundit repeated the words of Sir Winston Churchill:
Exhibit 6

On 15 March 2005, I announced that an appeal has been made to the Imperial Secretary of War and that hostilities were imminent:
Exhibit 7

On 17 March 2005, a final appeal was made to end this war before it got nasty:
Exhibit 8

Sortapundit's response came, rejecting our final offer.
Exhibit 9

With war inevitable, the Ghost of Gen. George S. Patton rallied the troops for battle.
Exhibit 10

So, it's battle. The advance forces are already in place and have begun their mission.

We expect to have a briefing approximately 6:00 PM Eastern Time.


  1. sorry, but i already fired a shot over the bow...

  2. did you get Frank J's approval?

  3. The Imperial Secretary of War has informed me he expects to make an annoucement today.

    In anticipation of that, the necessary forces have been placed and are beginning operations. The first formal shot from this little blog is expected to occur at 6:00 PM Eastern Time.

  4. but, since i started this blog tonight, it would be like shooting a .22 at a British tank....well, if you look at it like that, that means i can make a difference in this blogwar!
    especially if people would blogroll me!
    (slaps self for blogroll whoring)
    (says "what the heck")

  5. Have you checked my BlogRoll lately?


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