Sunday, March 13, 2005

Headline News: 3/13/2005

From ABC News:
Malawi's President Flees Haunted Mansion
Eddie Murphy defends: "Movie wasn't that bad"

From ABC News:
Watchdog Details Run-Ins With Ridge
"Arf arf! Arf arf arf! Arf arf! Arf arf arf arf arf!"

From ABC News:
Amid Troop Shortage, Gays Want Back In
But demand Army do something about those horrendous uniforms

From ABC News:
Killings Raise Concerns About Court Security
All options being considered, except handcuffing violent prisoners

From ABC News:
Bidding Farewell to Dan Rather
Phrase "don't let the door hit you" occurs most often

From ABC News:
Wisconsin Church Gunman May Have Been Angry at Sermon
However, police haven't ruled out him being a crazy S.O.B.

From ABC News:
Lawmaker Threatens Contempt for Baseball No-Shows
Will ask: "Are you, or have you ever been, a left fielder for the San Francisco Giants?"

From ABC News:
More Firms Are Revealing Family Ties
Mallory, Alex make impact in business world

From ABC News:
L.A. Looks at Harvesting Rain Water
Expect a bumper crop, if properly irrigated

From ABC News:
Jackson's Accuser Has Had Difficult Life
What with being molested and all

From KCRA:
Controversy brews over 'fake news'
Scheiffer vows to change direction of CBS, report real news

From KSAT:
Police: Man shot arguing over drug territory
Walgreen's manager pops cap in CVS stock clerk

From CNN:
Bin Laden fatwa as Spain remembers
May now have to move in with Salmon Rushdie, live openly in London, walk streets in public

From Washington Post:
Syria Promises to Leave Lebanon
Crosses heart, hopes to die

From Washington Post:
Fliers Find That Mileage Points Go Only So Far
Turns out Earth is only 24,000 miles circumference

From Washington Post:
Two Queens Men Are Killed After Fight Spills Out of Club
One called the other "Tater Salad"

From New York Times:
Paris Is Entitled to Sniff
Heiress smells like white trash

From Newsbug:
Bush Names Griffin to Head NASA
Edged Out Minotaur, Dragon, Sphinx for job

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