Sunday, March 27, 2005

Lightning, Etc.

Not that there would have been a lost of posts today anyway, but I've got a really good excuse: Lightning.

It has put our Internet service out. I'm borrowing a connection for this post.

At least I'll have some stories to tell.

In the meantime, go visit Sortapundit. He has been kind enough to withhold attacks during my emergency. Plus, if 100 people click on a link he has and take 30 seconds to visit in good faith, he'll post pictures of himself sitting in a pond. Plus he says a charity will benefit. Check it out. It might be worth your while. I'll furnish a duck for the pond if logistics can be worked out.

Again, to Sortapundit, thanks for the uncalled truce. And to all who have joined the fight against Sortapundit, thank you for your support. We'll need your help when hostilities resume!


  1. Won't blogroll you?
    All you'd have to do is ask.

  2. maybe the wife could donate a chicken as well.....

  3. Adam:
    Take no offense. Please. Properly, it's nothing more than a list of blogs I visit often that don't have this blog on their roll. But "Won't..." sounds funnier. Unless, I guess, you're on the list.

    And, by the way, your movement from one list to the other now means I have more that BlogRoll me than don't. So, thanks.

  4. moehawk:
    She's scheduled to get the stitches out today. And she is not in a good mood! You best tread lightly. Had the grandchildren not been around yesterday, she'd have throttled me over a chicken comment I made.

  5. And when the really mean chicken's work is done, I'll make Chicken and Dumpling (singular) for Sortapundit!

  6. I hope she's feeling better today, and the stitches come out easily. Give her a hug...

  7. My Friends

    It is with a heavy heart that I must today report that I am conceding defeat against the forces of Basil's Blog and his mighty Coalition.

    The war began well, with some significant early gains for the League of Sortapundit. We managed to steal the ...

  8. maybe I need a grandkid to keep my wife from strangling me, of course we'd have to have kids first (I was kinda putting the chicken before the egg there wasn't i?)

    hope the stitch removal goes smoothly, if you'd like I can take them out. I took half a dozen out of my head a while back and don't have any side effects, side effects, except sometimes I double type, double type stuff, oh and the nervous twitch.

  9. The Big Sister (who is 5'4")March 28, 2005 at 4:44 PM's the wife?

  10. Doctor wasn't able to see her yesterday. Her appointment is now scheduled for this afternoon.

  11. The Mean Sister (who is 5'6")March 29, 2005 at 1:53 PM

    So the ceramic rooster I bought her at the Dogwood Festival should stay here?? And I looked so hard for one that looked mean...

  12. She hasn't said much about roosters in general. She still has hers in solitary.

    Stitches came out today. Doctor put some duct tape (or so it appears) on it. When it wears off, she's done.

    Still a little sore, though.


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