Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Headline News: 3/30/2005

From KCTV [via Grandma's House]:
Bullet Whizzes Into Bathroom, Hits Woman
Flushes urinal, runs away

From CNN:
Georgia school to alter integration mural
1960s battle over desegregation now politically correct; Lynching photos from 1930s to be touched up

From CNN:
72 holes in 72 hours -- San Diego
Wilt Chamberlain's Guide to Southern California

From CNN:
Why new quake did not cause killer tsunami

From CNN/Business:
Review: Gizmondo loaded but doomed
Just like Bill Gates

From CNN:
Pope being fed through a tube
Satan hires George Felos, sues to have Pontiff removed

From ABC News:
Death Charged in Theft From Cemetery
Death defends: "I filled this place, I can remove stuff from it if I like"

From ABC News:
Should Kids Be Listed as Sex Offenders?
Not all of them, only the perverts

From ABC News:
Woman Sues Over 'Deceiving' Cereal Labels
Lawsuit: Kellogg's must show talking tiger

From ABC News:
Liberals Run Ads Demanding DeLay Resign
Conservatives okay with ads, means less money liberals will have to spend in 2008

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