Thursday, November 17, 2005

All Day Open TrackBacks: 11/17/2005

Because of the IIS-to-Apache issues I've run across, I really haven't had the time to peruse the BlogRoll. So, I'm not offering anything for breakfast, and don't expect to offer anything for lunch. And don't know yet about supper.

However, if you have an interesting post that you'd like to share, please leave a TrackBack to that post, and please link to this post so that others can enjoy the fun.

Since this might be the only Open TrackBacks post here today, feel free to leave up to three posts today (you know, one for each meal). Oh, and all at once or spread them out; either is okay.

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  1. Abandoning Core Beliefs

    George Will has a great column out today about the lessons that the Republican Party should, but won't learn from the recent election and the death of limited-government conservatism as a governing force.

  2. My Meter

    There are many blood glucose measuring meters on the market today. We see ads for them in magazines and TV, and hear about them on the radio.

    I started out with an Accu-Chek Sport. This was the cheapest meter they had in stock as my insurance doesn......

  3. The Knuckleheads of the Day award

    I've never given the award to a blogger, so this is a first. Today's winners are Robert Cox and the Media Bloggers Association.

  4. Eghad! I’ve Been Googled!

    There’s a reason that neither “Yahooing” nor “Alta-Vistaing” quite made it as verbs. But at what cost are we Googling and being Googled?


  5. Article III Groupie Outed!

    Samuel A. Alito, Jr. is claiming that he has absolutely no relationship whatsoever with her ("him") in his post "A Terrific Misunderstanding"; "Ladies and Gentlemen, this has gotten out of hand. This site does not bear any relation to Articl...

  6. Do As They Say -

    As always, with the Rich and Famous, it is never their fault, as whatever misdeeds they commit can always be blamed on the “hired help”, and that is exactly what the Davids are doing. In a letter to the commission, the Davids explained tha...

  7. Strong Evidence there Were WMDs in Iraq

    Where the WMDs Went, by Jamie Glazov, an absolute must-read:
    It was probably on my second inspection that I realized the Iraqis
    had no intention of ever cooperating....I came into the inspection program as an interrogator and Arabic linguist, so I cros

  8. Thursday Open Trackbacks

    Time for open trackbacks again. If you have an interesting article you'd like to link to in your blog leave me a trackback to this post. Your link will be displayed on the main page as I have inline trackbacks...

  9. Top Ten Other Really Original, Non-Cliche' Names Previously Under Consideration by Open Source Media

    10. Synergy Media 9. Paradigm Media 8. Pwned! Media 7. Win-Win Media 6. Customercentric Media 5. Woot Media 4. There's...

  10. Can Someone Point This Out On A Map For Me?

    "al Qaeda in Mesopotamia"? So where is Mesopotamia?

  11. Follow up to the 4 Questions

    Well John from Salems Lot responded with a post of his own asking me 4 more questions.

    Here were his questions:

    Why don't you ask THIS:
    1) Do you think that every child in Africa should have access to clean disease-free drinking water?
    2) Isn...

  12. Strategic Victory Achieved in the Ongoing War Against Israel

    A must-read, but understated, editorial from the Jerusalem Post:

    The Rafah Border Crossing Deal
    How committed are the Palestinians themselves to preventing weapons from being smuggled from Egypt into the Gaza Strip, or from the Gaza Strip into Israel?

  13. Thursday Open Trackbacks

    Send me your best stuff!


  14. Get over it Braylon

    Miami took Ronnie Brown from Auburn with the #2 pick. Edwards says he don't carry a grudge but feels he was lied to.

    What a whining crybaby. He was picked #3 plus gets a multi-year multi-million dollar contract but can't get over being number two....

  15. Demonizing the ACLU?

    "But I think that demonizing the ACLU is a bit silly. I do feel that they've become overly partisan in recent years, but they still do good work ... "-Glenn Reynolds

  16. Howie Kurtz pimps lefty bloggers' "passion" for Woodwardgate

    Readers of the Washington Post didn't get the whole story from Bob Woodward, and now they aren't getting it from Howard Kurtz...

  17. Oregon is Full of Nuts

    A few months back, The Salt Lake Tribune contained an insightful article on the challenges faced by Oregon's hazelnut farmers as they attempt to stimulate demand for their product. Among the hurdles they face is foreign competition, the hazelnut's...

  18. NAACP chief makes switch to GOP

    This had to be a difficult decision for Mr. Wallace. The treatment of Lt. Gov. Steele in Maryland can't be encouraging. His move makes perfect sense.

  19. The Facts About WSIS

    The understanding of the digital divide as a multi–faceted phenomenon is not found in the WSIS documents. The importance of cultural diversity and capacity building in general for the "Information Society" are mentioned, but the framing of the digit...

  20. Explosion in online dating

    Vonski has the latest and greatest from the Muslim world: an online dating service to match suicide bombers. Awww, aren't they cute? (h/t: My Pet Jawa)

  21. A Successful Experiment in Definitions

    Back in March, I decided to try a little experiment. Almost eight months later, it has succeeded…


  22. UN Attacks American Social System

    The UN is (again?) lecturing about human rights.

  23. Rice Baloney

    There comes a point in the career of a Secretary of State when she or he wishes to score quickie Brownie points by brokering the Israeli-Palestinian agreement that will lead to 1,000 years of peace and prosperity. These deals last about as long as a ...

  24. Iran's Unsettling Actions

    Iran has decided to start converting another batch of uranium...

  25. Keep the Promise

    THE Promise scholarship program is the redheaded stepchild of state government. What was lauded last year as a breakthrough for the state now may be ruined in the name of cost containment.
    Lincoln County Democrat Lloyd Jackson came up with the idea ...

  26. Just Say No to General Zod

    General Zod is running for President in 2008. But let me ask you one thing? Do you want a crackhead running our country?


    We've all seen the blogosphere band together to help the needy... Here's one more worthy cause, offered up by The Conservative Cat. Please help this man: Conservative Cat has a plan... Show-America and the world!-how much you care. Linked at TMH's ...

  28. Bush 34, Dems 25

    What five years of whining by the left has caused is more than a third of the nation to just give up on everyone. If the election were held tomorrow, Bush's 34% beats the Dems 25%.

  29. Natalie Holloway

    I was watching Dr. Phil's show on the dissappearance of Halloway and another American Girl who dissappeared while on a cruise ship , they have had some sitings of both girls , so they seem to think they were both sold as sex slaves , check here for p...

  30. Popping Skulls

    "Crushing dissent" is one of the nonsensical catch-phrases the angry left slings around rather freely these days when discussing the Bush administration. Attempting rational conversation with anyone who says such things is a rather futile pursuit and...

  31. Abraham Lincoln Bush

    The Democratic Party crossed a line today for which there is no turning back. They have gone from being the Loyal Opposition to the Party of Appeasement. The Surrender Iraq movement propped up the alleged hawk John Murtha and had him deliver the tearfu...

  32. Going Wobbly?

    So, we now come back to the present and calls from the Left to abandon ship, tuck tail and run, and to give up on the endeavor in Iraq and the Middle East. Hogwash...

  33. New Blog Showcase

    First I would like to apologize for the delay , I knew I was scheduled to do this but I hadn't been around for a while , so Thanks to Robert for last weeks carnival and Lots of thanks to Mr. ogre for being a kind and gentil being , for he only put ou...

  34. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! It's OK to say it.

  35. Random Acts of Coolness III

    Special thanks for Andrea for rounding up most of these stories for me as I've been under the weather:

    From David's Right Way of Thinking, we have some great quotes from early Congresses showing the modern interpretation of "Seperation of Church an...

  36. What's My Line?

    "And now, let's all play What's My Line?"
    "And now, will our first challenger, Mr. X, enter and sign in please. Panelists, our contestant performs in a service and is salaried. Now let's start the questioning..."

  37. Woodward and source: chum for the sharks

    Dorsal fins can be seen above the surface, but the action is below. Woodward's wounded and his embarrassed editors at the Washington Post are hanging him and his source out as bait:

  38. Friday Open Tar Pit #4

    This thread is open post through the weekend. I'll update the earlier threads later this morning, and then shut them down from further trackbacks.

    Have fun!

  39. Woodwardgate: cuckolded Downie stands by his man

    Is there a national hotline for battered editor syndrome?

  40. open trackback party at the Yaks'!

    Everybody into the pool! Open trackback weekend, at the yak.Shout-out and a tip of the horns to the Usual Suspects:Cao's Blog

  41. WP Woodwardgate editorial spams red herrings

    With sharks circling around embattled Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward, the Post editorial board tried to distract its readers this morning with a few choice red herrings:


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