Monday, November 14, 2005


While you're surfing the Web today, take a minute and think about the blogs you visit. Some of them are the results of lots of work. And your favorite bloggers ... many of them anyway ... don't get much payback for their work.

To some, it's a labor of love. To others, it's a mission. To others, it keeps them from climbing a clock tower and picking off coeds. Regardless, some appreciate a little pat on the back.

And this is where you come in.

Two events are going on right now that ... in a way ... honor your favorite bloggers. Okay, one actually has "Awards" in the title. But both are pretty cool.

Voting is already underway in Aaron's Deck O' Bloggers competition. In fact, Clubs voting is complete, and Hearts voting is nearing the end. But nominations for Diamonds and Spades is still underway. Plus Face Card finals are coming up in all suits. Go to Aaron's cc: for more information.

The Wizbang 2005 Weblog Awards are soon to take nominations. Categories are nearly set and nominations are opening soon. Be sure to go back and make your nominations in the various categories. Last year's was fun ... and controversial. This year's will be ... interesting, to say the least.

Now, having suggested that you go to these sites and honor your favorite blogs, you're now expecting me to ask you to vote for (or nominate) this little blog.


But, I'm not saying don't vote for this little blog, either.

Okay, I did ask a few days ago for votes at Aaron's. But I haven't asked you to consider this little blog for Best New Blog at the 2005 Weblog Awards, have I? No. Unless you count this paragraph.

I am seriously asking you to go to Aaron's and participate in the Deck O' Bloggers voting. There are lots of good blogs out there that will make your choice a hard one.

And, don't forget to be thinking about your nominations for the Wizbang Weblog Awards.


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  2. You get my vote as one of the most originals, fun and interactive blogs - only if that is a category! You bet I'll be voting for you for the deck of cards - I'm getting nervous about Aaron's - I hate to lose!

  3. Greta:
    Thanks. I appreciate that. And good luck in the voting!


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