Friday, November 18, 2005

Headline News: 11/17/2005

From ABC News:
Prehistoric Lizard Called Historic Link
Paul McCartney recieves Britain's top honor

From CNN:
Missing: Goats, purple car doors
Harry Reid held for questioning

From Reuters:
Gruesome cadavers on view at exhibit
Rolling Stones tour extended

From Reuters:
Atheist sues over "In God We Trust" on money
Attorney paid in pelts

From ABC News:
Student Allegedly Urinates in Ice Machine
School pissed

From ABC News:
Greenpeace vow to disrupt Japanese whaling
New tuna cans to feature 10% human meat

From ABC News:
China Finds Two More Birds With Bird Flu
Only need to find 13,999,999,998 more

From Reuters:
FCC could have Democrat majority next month
Nudity, profanity to be acceptable, Billy Graham crusade to be banned

From Reuters:
U.K. co nails Dirty Sanchez deal with MTV
Discussions still underway for Cleveland Steamer project

From Washington Post:
CIA Builds Anti-Terror Network
To compete with CNN

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