Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pajamas Media

I'll let Basil make his announcement. I'm too lazy to write a good press release for my announcement. Let's just say the Open Posts continue and I have changed my name.
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  1. [...] Pajamas Media Facing Some Stiff New Competition Okay, I might not have three and a half million dollars like some people. However, while reading at one of my favorite blogs tonight, well, let’s just say I did find a great deal of inspiration. And I do have a strong sales and marketing background to go along with my having kicked around the blogosphere long enough to know a little bit about what keeps certain loyal readers coming back. So, I figured, what the hell? We only go around once, right? And that’s especially true at my age. I can’t afford a big party - and even had to take some charity from another blogger just to get the logo done the way I liked it. But I’m ready. Man, am I ever ready! I genuinely believe that with just the right inspiration, a great deal of sweat, and an unbound determination to give it the best shot I possibly can - there is no mountain I cannot climb. Gentlemen - without further ado - I give you PJFlapMedia - the best damn piece of the blogosphere you’ll ever experience … um, or so I heard. Well, what d’ya say fella’s? Are you man enough? Uh, are you in? Oh, and please be sure to drop by and check out my inspiration for the full version of the logo. ; ) Scroll down and mouse over the image on the left. And for God’s sake try and read something while you’re there, will you? Sondra gave her ass to get this thing of mine off the ground. Update: Feel free I mean, you’re welcome to comment on the logo at SondraK’s here, as well. Heh. Indeed. Cross posted at Pimped at UPDATE: Fearing Google shutting me down, I changed the name back. Slightly. — Don 5:17 a.m.   [link] [...]

  2. Pajamas Media Trackback Party

    The Name of this blog has changed to: Pajamas Media / Stuck On Stupid Blog. The referrer URLs are: , and Link back with my URL Trackback here and I will add your link here. LInked To: Don...


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