Thursday, November 10, 2005

Covered Dish Supper 11/10/2005

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  1. Limbaugh and Doctor-Patient Privilege

    From the Palm Beach Daily News:
    Circuit Judge David Crow listened to arguments Thursday regarding whether Florida Law allows for investigators to question Rush Limbaugh's doctors and other medical professionals.
    On a second issue, as to whether to...

  2. Evolution in the bible, says Vatican

    Pope Benedict surprised many with the Vatican’s defense of evolution.
    THE VATICAN (News Limited) - The Vatican has issued a stout defence of Charles Darwin, voicing strong criticism of Christian fundamentalists who reject his theory of evolutio...

  3. Honoring Our Veterans in 2005

    November 11th is Veterans Day. It's a day to pay tribute to all our veterans, from all wars. It's for those from all walks of life that have given of themselves freely to wear the colors of the Armed Forces, to fight for the freedom that we now have ...

  4. Paul Begala: War Injuries Judith Miller's Fault

    To illustrate just how viciously the Left has turned against their former heroine, Judith Miller, who was portrayed by her then-friends as a First Amendment martyr while she sat in jail refusing to reveal sources during the Plame leak investigation, ...

  5. Bush's Gettysburg

    These are things that should have been said a long time ago. But like Lincoln in November 1863, Bush had to wait for the right moment.

  6. Veterans' Day, 2005

    Today is the day that our country sets aside to give due honor and thanks to the men and women who have so faithfully served their country. Ever since our country was founded 229 years ago, men and women have


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