Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Supper 11-30-2005

Try one of these specials with your supper:

  • Acidman is taking it one day at a time

  • Sisu posts a picture of a cock

  • Sean Gleeson lites a Bonfire

  • The Therapist John from WuzzaDem says Ron will be back soon. One day. Maybe.

  • Bob Parks (Black & Right) says disabled vets are being overlooked

  • Blackfive hosts a lively discussion

  • BlameBush! looks at Dicks *

  • Tiffany nearly blows a fuse over a departing employee

  • SpaceMonkey is nearly ready to start shaving, based on that picture

  • Taleena (Sun Comprehending Glass) goes on a rant, just in time for the holidays

  • The Blog Interviews continue ... taking your questions for The Florida Masochist and Gennie from Dizzy Girl.


  1. Nude Female Midgets blogging about Pajamas Media.

    Well, it's almost shark jumping time here at Anechoic Room. We've had us a lil bitta funsky over the last while (we hope you did too) ..... So, without further ado:
    Leetle Red (almost .... but not quite Riding Hood), Meets Osama Bin Laden.

  2. Strippers "Tailgating" In Tampa

    The Raymond James Stadium in Tampa had a stripper mobile operating out ofa parking lot near the facility. This gives a whole new meaning to Tailgating. More about the tail that was gated in the slammer from the Sun Sentinel: A 40-foot motor home was c...

  3. Who's complaining Pilots or Associated Press?

    Anyone note what is missing? Where is there one quote from a pilot complaining about the restriction. If the person wanted to be annonymous, why not quote them? There is a good reason for there to be a restriction, the Vice-President is first in line...

  4. Hopelessness as a Substitute for Planning

    I am always ambivalent about responding to a comment with an article, because I don't want people who leave comments here to feel as if they are being held up for ridicule. Nonetheless, when it comes to the Iraq war,...


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