Friday, November 18, 2005

Breakfast: 11/18/2005

Try one of these specials with your breakfast:


  1. ACLU Fights for Child Molester Rights

    On the 16 November O’Reilly Factor, Bill opened with Talking Points about the New York branch of the ACLU that would be sure to inflame most average folk in this great nation. What are they thinking?


  2. GOP Hypocrisy Births Third-Party in 2008

    In 2008, Republicans will be vulnerable to the attacks of fiscal and social hypocrisy while Democrats will be tied to the champions of secular progressivists. The Presidential election in 2008 will be the year of the third-party candidate.

  3. Happy Holidays is An Appropriate Greeting

    He told me that he was sure I was a liberal and a card carrying member of the ACLU. I told him that I was liberal in my use of ketchup and other condiments and asked him if he wanted to give me the secret ACLU handshake. I also told him that on the wee...

  4. Fair tax—and Open Post

    This is an Open Post-See instructions below the Fair Tax content

  5. Gaming the System

    There's currently a call for blog postings that want people to blog about what the deal was with pre-war military intelligence. No analysis of the pre-war miltiary intelligence picture can be complete without a look at the way Iraq gamed the United N...

  6. 'Freedom From Religion'

    Note to Dick(head) Durbin: This is what a real Gulag and real torture consists of. The killing and torturing of innocent people, not the killing and torturing of those who seek to separate your pea brain from your shoulders...

  7. Demon Dolls

    The toy nannies are Ba-aa-ack! Some group named WATCH (Weirdoes Against Toys, Christmas and Holidays) has released its list of Ten Toys That Will Kill Your Children. I am not making this up. The dangerous toys include:

  8. Support The Troops? Then Let Them Finish The Job

    How dare anyone criticism him or Jack Murtha, he demands. Why we are veterans, he cries. How dare we?
    I'll tell you how we dare: We are Americans and we have just as much right as the left.

  9. Real Progress in Iraq: The Signs of Freedom & Demo

    "We must be careful not to give terrorists the false hope that if they can simply hold on long enough that they can outlast us."

  10. Happy Birthday Open Post Party!

    403 - 3. So... who voted to cut and run: Cynthia McKinney, (D-GA) José Serrano, (D-NY) Robert Wexler, (D-FL) So. The rest of the pack of yellow-bellied weasels shut their pie holes, and crawled back under their rock. Till the...

  11. Good Joe Or Complete Wacko?

    What would you do? A Los Angeles taxi driver distinguished himself by his honesty after finding a pouch filled with diamonds worth 350,000 dollars in the back of his cab, police said. At first, Afghan immigrant Haider Sediqi, 40, paid

  12. Treason Is When You Want The Other Side To Win

    "Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hanged." President Abraham Lincoln We are the land of the free because and only because we are...

  13. I Feel Pretty...

    Oh so pretty... I feel pretty and... Yes, I've been nominated for this year's Best Blog Design. It's a tremendous compliment, considering that I designed the blog myself. I confess, now that I'm nominated, I'd sure like to win it....

  14. House G.O.P. to Dems on Iraq : put up or shut up!

    This was a turning point in the whole argument over the war in Iraq. I think this because now that the House has decisively rejected immediate withdrawal, we can now move on to the question of what more we need to be doing to help the Iraqis run thei...


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