Thursday, November 17, 2005

Evil Glenn's Light Blogging

A Filthy LieEvil Glenn Reynolds ™ sat at his computer. He typed. He clicked his mouse. He typed. He clicked his mouse. This ritual repeated itself.

A knock came at the door.

"Boss?" Kevin called from outside.

"What do you want?" Evil Glenn ™ replied.

"I hear you typing, Master. Is that perchance your book?"

"NO!" came the response.

"Ah, you're blogging again?"

"NO!" he responded again.

"Sorry, Master," Kevin said and slowly retreated.

Evil Glenn ™ took a deep breath, and continued his typing.

He couldn't be upset at Kevin. He was really a good sort. But he was too eager, sometimes, it seemed. Oh, well.

He knew he should be editing the chapters of the book. But he had other things to do.

He had actually mentioned that he was blogging lightly because of the book. But it was hard to get back to that. Besides, this was fun.

So far today, he had purchased three motorcycles, a kitten, 350 pounds of sheet metal, a human liver, an edition of TV Guide from February 24, 1962 (completing his Troy Donahue collection), a bucket of axle grease, an autographed copy of Space Ghost Coast To Coast Season One, a packet of hot dogs, and a 10-year-old Korean girl.

eBay was the greatest, Evil Glenn ™ decided.

He really needed to get back to editing his book. And updating the blog. And he'd go that now.

But first, he had to get a bid in on William Shatner's socks.


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