Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Headline News: 11/16/2005

From CNN:
'This Is Your Life' host dead at 92
To host 'This Was Your Life'

From CNN:
Ford offers new sales incentives
Will offer quality product at reasonable prices only as a last resort

From CNN:
New human bird flu cases in China
Harvey Birdman, Attorney-at-law quarantined

From CNN:
U.S. admits using white phosphorous as weapon
Still no admission of using rifles

From KGTV:
178,000 marijuana plants confiscated
Stock burned, M&Ms stock skyrockets

From CNN:
Kerry, Gore adviser to air views in book
"Losing Elections for Dummies" to hit bookshelves in December

From CNN:
Atlanta poised for major tourism push
Slogan: All the charm of the South ... except for all those damned Yankees that live here now

From CNN:
The bulging pockets of college presidents
Yes, they are happy to see you

From Time:
Bush Jabs Beijing
Beijing tell Bush, "Stop it! That hurts! Ow!"

From National Nine News:
Bush Surprises Koizumi With Scooter
Libby now Ambassador to Japan


  1. Good ones this week. Ha, Scooter, Libby, I get it. Hey a new headliner is Beth at And Then I Woke Up... visit Bloggin Outloud for the link.

  2. Thursday

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